Top 10 Least Expensive Cars to Insure for 2004

Top 10 Least Expensive Cars to Insure for 2004

Although auto insurance costs vary widely depending on where you live, how many accidents you've had in the past, how many miles you drive each year and so on, the kind of car you drive also helps insurers make decisions about you. To help out, we've compiled a list of the 10 cars most likely to command the lowest insurance premiums based on five-year projections of the True Cost to OwnSM (TCO) pricing system.

  1. 1. Chrysler PT Cruiser

  2. 2. Volkswagen Jetta

  3. 3. Saturn L300

  4. 4. Saab 9-5

  5. 5. Volvo V40

  6. 6. Subaru Legacy

  7. 7. Pontiac Sunfire

  8. 8. Ford Focus

  9. 9. Oldsmobile Alero

  10. 10. Jaguar X-Type

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