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Fast & Furious Cars: The Supporting Cast

Some More Cars From Fast & Furious


Not everyone is destined to be a superstar. Sure Paul Walker can pull it off purely on his humongoid super-dreamy factor, but how to explain all the other blue-eyed, wisp-haired stud buckets who are slinging eggs and bacon at the Hollywood Denny's? Stardom sometimes falls on the deserving and sometimes it falls on Vin Diesel.

That's true of the cars in Fast & Furious, too. While we've covered all the major players extensively in this conglomeration (and a few not so major players), there are still some cars in the film that will float through a frame or two. They range from an off-road trophy truck to a Mazda RX-8 to a 1981 Chrysler Imperial. And here's where we handle them all with photos and captions.

So take a look at the photos and read the captions.

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