Fast & Furious 1987 Buick Grand National GNX on Inside Line

Fast & Furious Cars: 1987 Buick Grand National GNX

What Better Car To Steal With?


Heists are, by their nature, illegal. So what could be a better car for a heist than a sinister black Buick Grand National GNX? And that's just what Dominic Torreto (Vin Diesel) drives at the beginning of Fast & Furious as he robs a land train full of high-octane fuel. No one in the picture car department remembers exactly how the GNX won its role, except that it seemed such a natural choice that no one gave it a second thought.

Considering the intense stunts performed during the filming of this opening sequence, it's probably not surprising that a lot of Buick Grand Nationals (but no actual GNXs) were sacrificed in its creation. In fact, the picture car department created seven of them, all based on real GNs or T-Types. Four would wind up scrapped.

The most unusual of the seven GNs built was one with the body mounted backward on the frame so it could be driven at speed while appearing to be going backward. To get the engine tucked under the trunk lid, however, the turbocharger and its plumbing had to be removed. Most of the other GNs retained their original turbo V6s, though a couple had Chevy crate V8s installed.

It's amazing it took this long for someone to give the Grand National the starring role it deserved.

As Portrayed Specifications*

Type: Buick 3.8-liter turbo V6
Injection: Duttweiler Performance
Ignition: MSD
Intercooler: Spearco
Fuel: Sunoco racing fuel
Lubricant: Castrol

Transmission: Kilgore TH2004
Converter: B&M
Shifter: Winters
Driveshaft: Wenco
Rear axle: Ford 9-inch
Final drive: 3.73:1
Headers: Hooker
Mufflers: Flowmaster
Fuel Pump: Bosch

Springs: Hotchkis
Shocks: Hotchkis

Type: Cragar Soft 8 Black
Front size: 15-by-8 inches
Rear size: 15-by-8 inches

Type: General Grabber HP
Front size: 235/60R15
Rear size: 275/60R15

Front: Wilwood disc
Rear: Wilwood disc

Seats: Beard
Belts: D.J. Safety
Cage: Matt Sweeney
Door panels: Matt Sweeney
Gauges: Autometer

Body kit: Stock GNX
Hood: Stock GNX

Paint: Jack's Auto Body Gloss Black

* "As Portrayed" specifications indicate the state of the car as portrayed in the film. No single car was necessarily built to these specifications by the Picture Car Department. But all the cars built to portray a vehicle in the film were constructed to appear as if so equipped.

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