Consumers' Most Wanted

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As a consumer research site, we at know that for every car shopper looking to examine our road tests and comparison tests in search of the perfect vehicle to meet their needs, there are at least as many buyers who simply want to know "What is the best car (or truck) out there?" With all the variations in consumer needs and preferences, how is an automotive journalist to respond to such a vague question? Back in 1999, our editors decided to answer in a practical way, picking their collective choices for the vehicles they'd most want in each of the major market segments. If you know your budget and have decided on the type of vehicle you need (sedan, truck, SUV, etc.), our Editors' Most Wanted awards offer an excellent starting point for serious purchase considerations.

For the past three years, Editors' Most Wanted has proven to be a popular destination for site visitors. So popular, in fact, that we decided to build the program and let our readers collectively select their own new car and truck choices. Starting with the 2002 model year, we are allowing consumers to vote for the Consumers' Most Wanted winners.

As with our Editors' Most Wanted Awards, consumers are invited to vote for the vehicles in each segment that they'd most want to park in their own garages.

Included in the 30 categories was the Most Significant Vehicle, in which we asked readers to pick the 2002 model they felt had the largest impact on the American automotive industry by accomplishing one of the following things: having a groundbreaking design that changes the rules of a given segment, creating a brand-new niche or redefining an automaker's image.

We appreciate all the readers who took the time to vote and hope to see you next spring when we do it again for 2003.