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Edmunds' Award Winners Top Rated Vehicle Awards Top Rated Vehicles

What are the best new vehicles being sold today? The Edmunds Testing Team evaluates about 200 new vehicles each year. The Top Rated Awards are given to the vehicles that received an "A" rating.

2016 Most Popular Vehicles on 2016 Most Popular Vehicles on

Millions of shoppers visit each month to find the car that's right for them. With so many new vehicles to choose from, it may helpful to benefit from the wisdom of the crowd. These are the 2016 Most Popular on award winners.

Ford Mustang 2016 Best Retained Value® Awards's Best Retained Value® Awards for 2016 recognize brands and models that have the highest projected residual value after five years.

Best Used Cars for 2014 Best Used Cars for 2014

Shopping for a used car? These are the 2007-'12 models that offer the best value for your money whether you're looking for a small sedan or a crossover SUV.

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Midsize sedans are typically designed with family transportation in mind. These 10 models are the most affordable picks in the segment.

2016 Toyota Corolla Special Edition Consumers' Favorites

Cast your vote for Best Cars and Trucks at the Chicago Auto Show in this month's Consumers' Favorite Survey.


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