Automotive App of the Week: Copart Sell My Car

Automotive App of the Week: Copart Sell My Car

Got a car you need to get rid of fast? Like that project car you keep meaning to get around to fixing up -- and that your significant other wants out of the garage ASAP? But don't want the hassle of taking pictures, fielding calls and weeding out the tire-kickers from the truly motivated?

Copart, an online auction company that sells over 1 million cars each year, just made it even easier to sell your heap classic with the launch of the Copart Sell My Car app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. After downloading the free app, you fill in contact and vehicle information details and upload photos taken with your Apple device. A Copart rep will respond with follow-up questions or an offer to purchase the vehicle immediately.

After the deal is done, drop off your car at one of the 100-plus Copart locations nationwide. Or the company can arrange to pick up the car wherever you are. And it all can happen within one business day and you get paid instantly.

If you want to hold out for more cash, you can choose to sell your car through the company's Copart Direct division, an online auction accessed by a worldwide base of registered buyers. CopartDirect claims it can guarantee you an offer on your vehicle usually within about one week.

That's probably as long it would take you to get around to posting an ad.

Gretchen McFarlan, Contributor

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