Automotive App of the Week: Car Crashes for iPhone

Automotive App of the Week: Car Crashes for iPhone

There are so many helpful automotive apps available — for finding fuel, finding your way, finding mechanical info, finding radio stations and your speed limit in unique ways. And there are those that serve absolutely no purpose but to simply entertain and pass the time, such as Car Crashes for iPhone.

Little more than a compilation of hilarious car crashes, this free iPhone app doesn't cull any videos you probably haven't already seen online. But having them all available on one app that you can fire up when you need a chuckle is worth the screen space. And admittedly it's an automotive app we've probably spent the most time enjoying while not behind the wheel.

The somewhat redundant categories the app separates videos into — such as Hilarious Crashes, Very Funny Crashes and Funny Crash Compilation — are largely irrelevant. And the car crashes are interspersed with motorcycle mishaps and other non-automotive accidents. So if you're like us, you'll likely just find yourself sucked into watching vid after vid.

There are also "User Editable" categories in which you can add your own YouTube videos and rate them, but the interface is a bit kludgy and frustrating at first. And the app has the ubiquitous pop-up ads that's part of almost any online "freemium" service.

If nothing else, the Car Crashes app proves what your mother may have said to you: Going fast and doing stupid stuff is funny until someone or something gets hurt. And then it's really funny.

Gretchen McFarlan, Contributor

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