Top 10 Car-Themed Gifts for Less Than $100 for 2011

Top 10 Car-Themed Gifts for Less Than $100 for 2011

The holiday season is a time for receiving, but it's a time for giving as well. If you've got folks on your list who love cars — or, at the very least, drive them on a daily basis — you'll want to consider stuffing their stockings with car-themed tokens of your affection.

Here are 10 gifts that are based on the car, listed in alphabetical order. Our choices run the gamut from functional to fun, and each comes with a price tag of less than $100.

  1. Bracketron Universal Tablet Headrest Mount

    Bracketron Universal Tablet Headrest Mount, $39.95: With this handy headrest mount, rear passengers can set up an iPad (or any other tablet) for a hands-free viewing experience. The mount clasps securely to the driver or front-passenger headrest and is easy to remove and install.

  2. Cobra BT 225 Tag Alarm

    Cobra BT 225 Tag Alarm, $59.99: Anyone who's ever lost his or her keys or smartphone will see the value in this device. This Bluetooth-enabled key fob works with Android or BlackBerry smartphones and helps make sure you don't misplace your phone or keys by sounding an alarm when the two are separated.

  3. CommuteMate CellCup Auto Organizer

    CommuteMate CellCup Auto Organizer, $10.09: If you have someone on your gift list who's on the obsessive-compulsive, anal-retentive end of the spectrum, he or she will probably appreciate this handy little invention from CommuteMate. Designed to fit within a standard cupholder, this organizer keeps things like cell phones, keychains, loose change and MP3 players securely stashed and within easy reach.

  4. Dream Garages International

    Dream Garages International by Lee Klancher, $35: Gearheads love looking at photos of gorgeous cars, and there are plenty to enjoy in Dream Garages International. Journeying from Europe to Australia to North America to Japan, this tome spotlights some of the world's most envy-inspiring automobile collections.

  5. Instant Bench Seat Cover

    Instant Bench Seat Cover, $94: Anyone who's ever taken man's best friend along for a ride knows that a car's backseat can quickly fall victim to pet hair and paw marks. This tufted, machine-washable seat cover repels hair and moisture. Elastic straps and metal clips keep it firmly in place.

  6. Motormouse Computer Mouse

    Motormouse Computer Mouse, $49.95 and up: This wireless computer mouse allows users to get their hands on something four-wheeled and sporty every time they fire up their computers. It's available in Porsche 911 and Mini Cooper versions, with real rubber tires, chrome alloy wheels and a high-quality paint finish.

  7. Park Smart Garage Wall Guard

    Park Smart Garage Wall Guard, $17.95: Park a car in a tight garage and it means ingress and egress have to be handled gingerly to avoid dinging and scratching the car door. Measuring more than 2 feet long, half a foot tall and nearly three-quarter-inch thick, this guard fits on the wall of the garage. It's made of soft plastic that allows the door to contact the wall without unsightly consequences.

  8. Prius Sun Visor Nav Cap

    Prius Sun Visor Nav Cap, $35.99: Who doesn't know someone who owns and loves a Prius? One thing Prius owners complain about is the fact that the car's navigation screen washes out in bright sunlight. This navigation hood solves that problem by eliminating unwanted glare.

  9. Retro Heated Travel Mug

    Retro Heated Travel Mug, $19.22: Some people love getting the day started with a steaming cup of Joe, and sometimes they enjoy that cup while braving the daily commute. In such cases, this heated mug — which plugs into a car's 12-volt adapter and comes with a helpful analog temperature gauge — can help make sure the morning pick-me-up stays piping hot.

  10. SuperTooth HD

    SuperTooth HD, $67.98: Text-to-speech functionality allows you to listen to incoming text messages via your car's sound system and send outgoing texts via voice commands. It's the hot new thing for the connected set. SuperTooth HD combines this technology with standard Bluetooth, allowing the user to text or talk on the phone without taking his hands off the wheel.

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