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Fast & Furious Cars: 2009 Subaru WRX STI

Subie Places a Product


What's a Fast and Furious movie without some obvious product placement? And in Fast & Furious, the most obvious product placement is Subaru's WRX STI.

The Subie got its role in F&F when the picture car coordinator went looking for a new, high-performance, rally-type car for FBI agent Brian O'Connor (super-dreamy Paul Walker) to drive near the film's climax. Basically it was a choice between the Mitsubishi Evo X and the WRX STI, and Subaru was the first one to say it would supply cars. So Subaru it was.

Subaru gave a total of seven brand-new WRX STI models to the production in exchange for prominent placement in the film. But just because they were zero-mile cars doesn't mean that they were treated with any respect by the picture car department. After all, what matters in movie-making is getting the movie made, not making sure any Subaru survives unscratched.

So all the Subies had their interiors stripped, all were fitted with straightforward tuner-style modifications from Perrin, Cobb Tuning and Veilside, and then they were sent out to work on the set. Of the seven, one was cut up into an engine-less filming buck and five were destroyed during filming. The remaining car is in a warehouse awaiting another shot at fame.

As Portrayed Specifications*

Type: Subaru 2.5-liter turbocharged flat-4
Intake: Perrin
Air filter: Perrin
Ignition: Cobb Tuning
Fuel pump: Subaru original equipment
Fuel plumbing: Subaru original equipment
Fuel cell: Subaru original equipment
Fuel: Sunoco racing fuel
Lubricant: Mobil One
Headers: Remus Racing
Exhaust pipes: Cobb Tuning
Mufflers: Remus Racing

Transmission: Subaru original equipment six-speed
Bell housing: Subaru original equipment
Clutch: Subaru original equipment twin-plate
Shifter: Veilside
Driveshaft: Subaru original equipment
Differentials: Subaru original equipment

Front: Subaru original equipment
Rear: Subaru original equipment

Front: Subaru original equipment
Rear: Subaru original equipment

Type: Enkei NT03+M
Front size: 18-by-8.5 inches
Rear size: 18-by-8.5 inches

Type: Continental Sport Contact 2
Front size: 285/40R18
Rear size: 285/40R18

Seats: Veilside
Safety Belts: Takata
Cage: Matt Sweeney
Door Panels: Subaru original equipment
Wheel: Veilside
Gauges: Subaru original equipment

Body: Veilside
Hood: Veilside

Paint: Jack's Auto Body

* "As Portrayed" specifications indicate the state of the car as portrayed in the film. No single car was necessarily built to these specifications by the picture car department. But all the cars built to portray a vehicle in the film were constructed to appear as if so equipped.

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