Fast & Furious 2003 BMW M5 on Inside Line

Fast & Furious Cars: 2003 BMW M5

Germany's Street Racing Entry


Every Fast & Furious film has to have at least one over-the-top street race with multiple cars careening along wildly, putting the lives of the drivers (and anyone else who happens to be on the street at the time) in mortal danger. And when it comes to mortal danger, what better car to face it in than a BMW M5?

Fortunately for Fast & Furious, the 400-horsepower, V8-powered E39 generation (1998-2003) M5 is still a 5 Series sedan and acquiring and redecorating much cheaper 528i and 540i models was easy. So the production bought three old 540i sedans and four 528i models and redecorated them with orange and black paint and 19-inch wheels. Of these seven BMWs, six were destroyed. That includes three dropped off a bridge onto a road down below.

The M5 was another car that just seemed to emerge naturally during the casting process — there wasn't anyone who didn't want the big, powerful BMW in the show. And some design inspiration obviously came from German tuning house Lumma Design's CLR 500 R-S version of the current E60 M5 that was shown during 2007.

Of all the cars in the film, this one may be the least believable because of all its body roll during the action scenes. It looks like an M5 with the swaybars disconnected. Or a 528i with M5 front fenders.

As Portrayed Specifications*

Type: BMW 5.0-liter DOHC V8
Intake: BMW original equipment
Ignition: MSD
Nitrous system: NOS
Fuel: Sunoco Racing Fuel
Lubricant: Castrol

Transmission: BMW original equipment six-speed
Clutch: BMW original equipment twin-plate
Shifter: BMW original equipment
Driveshaft: BMW original equipment
Headers: BMW original equipment
Mufflers: Custom Euro
Fuel pump: Holley
Hoses: Earl's

Springs: Eibach
Shocks: Eibach

Type: Monet
Front size: 19-by-8.5 inches
Rear size: 19-by-9.5-inches

Type: Continental
Front size: 245/30R19
Rear size: 275/40R19

Seats: Sparco
Belts: Sparco
Cage: Matt Sweeney
Door panels: BMW original equipment
Wheel: Sparco
Gauges: Autometer

Body kit: Custom Euro
Hood: 5140 Customs

Paint: 5140 Customs

* "As Portrayed" specifications indicate the state of the car as portrayed in the film. No single car was necessarily built to these specifications by the picture car department. But all the cars built to portray a vehicle in the film were constructed to appear as if so equipped.

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