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Fast & Furious Cars: 1989 Chevrolet Suburban

A Commuter for Henchmen


When in Mexico, it's always a good idea to have a squadron of villainous henchmen on call at all times. And if they need to show up fast in the middle of the desert, what more economical way for them to travel than a few fully tricked-out Chevy Suburban 4x4s?

Though the Subs were minor players in Fast & Furious, they were involved in one of the heaviest stunt sequences. So the picture car department built four of the beasties (plus one parts truck) and all were destroyed.

Of course if you've read this far, you'd like to know why this particular generation of Suburban was chosen. It's simply a matter of the 1973-'90 Subs being a particular favorite of picture car coordinator Dennis McCarthy. Over the years he's used these rugged trucks as the basis for numerous production vehicles, including camera cars and chassis replacement vehicles. Consider this his personal celebration of the trucks.

As Portrayed Specifications*

Type: 454 Chevrolet
Intake: GM Performance
Carburetor: Holley
Ignition: HEI
Fuel: Sunoco Racing Fuel
Lubricant: Castrol

Transmission: GM Turbo 400 three-speed automatic
Shifter: Winters
Driveshaft: General
Rear differential: ORU 488 Detroit Locker
Fuel Cell: JAZ
Hoses: Earl's
Braking: ORU Four-wheel disc

Front: ORU 2-inch lift kit, Fox Shocks
Rear: ORU 2-inch lift kit, Fox Shocks

Type: Weld
Front size: 17-by-9.0 inches
Rear size: 17-by-9.0 inches

Type: General Grabber
Front size: 37-by-12.5 R 17
Rear size: 37-by-12.5 R 17

Seats: Beard
Belts: Ryan
Cage: Matt Sweeney
Door Panels: Chevrolet original equipment
Gauges: Autometer

Body Kit: Chevrolet original equipment
Hood: Hannaman

Paint: Primer gray

* "As Portrayed" specifications indicate the state of the car as portrayed in the film. No single car was necessarily built to these specifications by the picture car department. But all the cars built to portray a vehicle in the film were constructed to appear as if so equipped.

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