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2015 Ram 1500: 5 Things to Know Video

  • Here are 5 Things to Know about the 2015 Ram 1500.

    1. It has a standard coil spring rear suspension and is offered with an adjustable air suspension. The result is a substantially more comfortable ride as well as improved stability when towing.

    2. It is the only half-ton truck available with a diesel engine. It gets excellent fuel economy — 2 mpg better than the base V6 — but produces more torque than the Hemi V8. It can?t tow quite as much, however, and indeed the Ram does have a slightly lower maximum towing capacity than its Chevy and Ford rivals.

    3. Every Ram comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission. This is another great feature when towing, as there are more ratios available to achieve an ideal engine speed, and reduces the need to get a different axle ratio.

    4. The Ram's cabin features easy-to-use technology, whether you get the smaller base touchscreen or the bigger, 8.4-inch one that stands out with large virtual buttons that are easy to see and use at a glance.

    5.There are more places than just the bed to store stuff. The rotary shifter frees up center console space, there are watertight compartments under the Crew Cab floor and both the Crew and Extended cabs have a fold-out flat floor in the back. There?s also the available RamBox.

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