2011 Porsche 911 - Edmunds Ratings

2011 Porsche 911 GT2 RS (3.6L 6-cyl. Twin-turbo 6-speed Manual)
Date Driven: 4/19/2011
Performance The GT2 RS earns a perfect 5-star rating here with 620-hp propelling a 3,200-lb coupe to an 11.2-sec quarter-mile at 130 mph. The twin-turbo 6-cyl engine & transmission come from the motorsport division of Porsche, and they are magnificent.
Driving Dynamics The Porsche 911 is famous for its delicate/precise steering and immense grip; the GT2 RS takes these assets to a new supercar level. Standard carbon-ceramic brakes also offer heroic levels of rock-solid performance that never diminishes -- ever.
Ride Comfort Even with the 2-position driver-adjustable suspension dampers, the GT2 RS is barely tolerable on most public roads. Ride comfort is not the point of this car; racetrack dominance, for which this limited-production car is built, is its purpose.
Quietness If tire, road, engine and even brake noise are high on your list, then the Porsche 911 GT2 RS is low on your list of potential sports cars. Wind noise, however, is quite low.
Ergonomics While the trademark 5-ring instrument panel and driving position are spot-on (Porsche finally offers tilt and telescoping steering), the user-interface with the button-rich center stack and touchscreen nav is problematic.
Visibility With its tidy dimensions, sloping 'frunk,' and slender pillars, outward visibility is exceptionally good. The only worries are scraping the nose on driveways and its expensive wheels on curbs.
Seat Access & Space Because the carbon-shell seats feature ultra-deep thigh supports and hip-to-shoulder lateral support, getting into and out of the GT2 RS is arduous at best. Spartan interior affords airy cabin.
Cargo & Storage Luggage space up front is deep but small (3.7 cu-ft) and no back seat means 7.2 cu-ft area is suitable for soft luggage. The car is otherwise lacking in terms of small storage or sturdy cupholders.
Build Quality Every Porsche 911 is hand-built and feels as if it is carved from a solid block of aluminum; the GT2 RS features gorgeous (and truly functional) carbon-fiber pieces. Even for a streetable racecar, the build quality is off-the-chart excellent.

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