Top 10 Dead or Dying Models —

Top 10 Dead or Dying Models

Grab the Keys Before These Cars Are Six Feet Under

The Day of the Dead is a time-honored Mexican holiday in which deceased friends and family members are remembered. In recent years, brutal market conditions have resulted in the death of many models , and even the wholesale demise of an entire brand.

In the spirit of the aforementioned Mexican tradition, we've created this list celebrating the 10 expired or soon-to-be-departed models most worthy of your dime. Our picks are listed in alphabetical order.

Most of these picks are still available on new-car lots. Dealers will more than likely be anxious to get them off the lots to make way for new merchandise, and this fact can work in a buyer's favor during the negotiation process. These vehicles are also great bargains on the used market, since discontinued models typically experience steeper-than-usual depreciation.

  1. Bentley Arnage

    Bentley Arnage

    Yes, you can tell it's a bit long in the tooth — its chassis and its interior don't feel as new as those of other models in the Bentley lineup. Still, the Bentley Arnage delivers the goods as only a quarter-million-dollar car can. Its horsepower is breathtaking, its features list is endless and this Bentley's cabin is as opulent as it gets. It doesn't get more highbrow than the cars found in the ultra-luxury-sedan segment; still, the Arnage feels exclusive even in this rarified company.

  2. BMW Z4 Coupe

    BMW Z4 Coupe

    Though the Z4 roadster is still alive and kicking, the Z4 coupe was last seen in model-year 2008. Its demise is unfortunate — with a refined powertrain and superior handling, this relatively affordable two-door is in the same league as more expensive sport coupes like the Porsche Cayman. Acceleration, braking and handling are all superb, and the throaty engine note is a joy to experience.

  3. Cadillac STS-V

    Cadillac STS-V

    Turns out the Germans aren't the only ones who can craft superior midsize sport sedans. With the STS-V, Cadillac has whipped up a 469-horsepower rocket ship that blasts from zero to 60 mph in just 5.1 seconds. Handling is exceptional and thankfully, its pricing is more down-to-earth than that of its Teutonic rivals.

  4. Chevrolet Cobalt SS

    Chevrolet Cobalt SS

    In most trims, the Cobalt is a snooze, but the SS trim of this sedan is a caffeinated jolt of fun certain to wake all but the dead. The SS vaults itself head and shoulders above other Cobalts thanks to its 260-hp turbocharged inline-4 and upgraded brake and suspension systems. The zero-to-60-mph sprint is completed in just 5.8 seconds, and fuel economy doesn't languish in the wake of this power — EPA ratings are an impressive 22 mpg city/30 mpg highway and 25 mpg combined.

  5. Ford Taurus X

    Ford Taurus X

    Looking for a vehicle that's minivanlike in its functionality, but with less homely looks? The Taurus X is worth your consideration. It offers three rows of seating and sheet metal that's more "assertive SUV" than "docile minivan." Other pluses include comfortable ride quality and Ford's useful Sync system.

  6. Honda S2000

    Honda S2000

    Value-priced sports cars don't get much better than the S2000. Handling is scalpel-sharp, cowl shake is nonexistent, and the engine delivers big thrills at high revs. The negatives? Convenience amenities such as Bluetooth and a navigation system aren't available.

  7. Hyundai Entourage

    Hyundai Entourage

    After just three model years of production, Hyundai has pulled the plug on the struggling Entourage. A rebadged version of the Kia Sedona minivan, the Entourage is easy to eulogize — for very little coin, it offers an impressively smooth ride, a relatively quiet cabin and brisk acceleration. Though it received little attention from car buyers, this exceedingly competent Hyundai is a worthy pick for value-minded shoppers.

  8. Pontiac G8

    Pontiac G8

    The good news is that Pontiac finally got it right with the G8. Of course, the bad news is that Pontiac and its entire model line are kaput. A credible retort to sport sedans by the likes of BMW, the G8 offers energetic engines, precise handling and a roomy, well-appointed cabin. Enthusiasts seeking a budget-friendly sport sedan will find this Pontiac a most worthy choice.

  9. Pontiac Vibe

    Pontiac Vibe

    People buy hatchbacks like the Vibe expecting them to deliver tons of practicality, and this eager little Pontiac doesn't disappoint in this respect. With ample cargo capacity and a roomy backseat, it excels at toting everything from grocery bags to tennis buddies. Ride quality is forgiving and controls are a breeze to use.

  10. Toyota Camry Solara Convertible

    Toyota Camry Solara Convertible

    The Toyota Camry Solara convertible is notable for being one of only a handful of drop-tops offering a backseat that's spacious enough to comfortably accommodate adults. Its interior is class-leading — outstanding materials and superb design coalesce to create a cabin that's gorgeous to look at and pleasant to touch. Also, reliability is above reproach.

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