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The BMW 3 Series is one of the top-selling luxury cars in the United States and a favorite with consumers for good reason. It's a classy entry-level luxury car endowed with world-class fit and finish, spirited performance and an exquisite ride-and-handling balance unmatched by most vehicles at any price. That's true no matter which model or year you choose, as generation after generation of the 3 Series has offered the same strengths in spite of continual evolution.

In reviews, we've lauded the exceptionally well-rounded nature of this 3 Series. Whether you're devouring miles on the interstate, running errands around town or making time on your favorite back road, the car always feels up to the task. Inside, drivers will find a restrained show of luxury, with an emphasis on comfort and involvement.

Overall, if you can afford the price of admission, the BMW 3 Series is the standard-bearer in the compact luxury-sport class. Thanks to its wonderfully balanced dynamics, powerful and efficient engine lineup and wide range of configurations, the 3 Series earns our very strong recommendation.

Over the years, BMW has offered sedan, wagon, coupe and convertible versions of the 3 Series, but later versions of the coupe and convertible are known as the 4 Series and are reviewed separately.

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