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The 2025 Fisker Ronin EV Is a $400,000 Convertible Sedan with Over 1,000 HP. We'll Take Three

Only 999 will be produced

2025 Fisker Ronin front
  • An upcoming super-EV with claimed range of 600 miles and a 0-60 mph time of about 2 seconds.
  • Four-door hardtop convertible configuration is unusual.
  • Production will be limited to just 999 units.

The first mass-produced electric vehicle from a new automaker is all about making bold claims. The Tesla Model S set the standard with unsurpassed range figures at the time it was introduced, and the Lucid Air Sapphire pummels physics with more than 1,200 horsepower and a claimed 1.89-second dash from zero to 60 mph. Fisker had a more modest leading vehicle in the relatively affordable Ocean SUV, saving its true showstopper for its Product Vision Day investor event held in early August 2023.

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2025 Fisker Ronin front three-quarter

That would be the Fisker Ronin, a four-door hardtop convertible with rear-hinged back doors and seating for five. Fisker says the supersedan will also pack more than 1,000 horsepower, offer a projected 600 miles of range, be limited to 999 units and start at just under $400,000. Oh yeah — we're interested.

Details are light on specifics for now — not surprising, as the Ronin isn't projected to enter production for another two years — but Fisker claims the powertrain will be capable of sprinting the Ronin from 0 to 60 mph in about 2 seconds, nipping the heels of the Model S Plaid and Air Sapphire. For those who have seen Edmunds U-Drags, then you know we're already planning a race between these land rockets.

2025 Fisker Ronin wheel

Fisker is aiming for a low curb weight, as evidenced by the fact that the roof and wheels will be made of carbon fiber. Keeping the weight as low as possible in what appears to be a modestly sized vehicle (as in, there doesn't look to be an abundance of room for batteries) will be integral to achieving the Ronin's projected 600 miles of range.

If the $385,000 starting price doesn't cause you (or your accountant) any distress, you can place a $2,000 deposit to lock in a Ronin reservation at

2025 Fisker Ronin rear

Edmunds says

Fisker took a little while to unveil a car with eye-popping performance figures, but the Ronin might be worth the wait. It could be a game changer if Fisker can actually deliver this limited-production super-EV in two years.