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Fisker Unveils Three New Vehicles, Including an Electric Pickup and 1,000-HP Convertible

The vehicles provide a roadmap for Fisker's future

Fisker vehicles on display during investor presentation
  • Henrik Fisker just unveiled the EV automaker's future product pipeline.
  • A new small SUV, midsize pickup and ultra-powerful grand tourer are on the way.
  • An off-road package for certain Ocean models will be available early next year.

The first Fisker Ocean SUVs are just starting to make their way into customer hands, but Fisker already has its sights set on its next vehicle. Actually, make that vehicles. At an investor event held in Huntington Beach yesterday, CEO Henrik Fisker unveiled three new EVs — including a pickup truck and range-topping sports car — alongside an off-road package for the Ocean. Expected launch times stretch all the way to 2025 and possibly beyond, giving us a clear picture of Fisker's intentions over the next few years.

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Fisker Pear rear

Fisker PEAR

Stylized as PEAR (an acronym for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution), the Fisker Pear should be the next vehicle released by the Manhattan Beach, California-based automaker. Like the Ocean, the Pear is an electric SUV, but the Pear will slot below its sibling in terms of size and price when it's released in mid-2025.

For reference, the Ocean will soon be available in an entry-level Sport trim with 250 miles of range and a single motor that produces 275 horsepower. Its MSRP will start at $37,499 before destination charges. The Pear's claimed starting price of $29,900 ($22,400 after incentives) means that it will likely offer less power and range than the more expensive Ocean. But with budget-friendly alternatives like the Chevrolet Equinox EV about to enter the market, the Pear can't stray too far from the Ocean's base specs if it wants to stay competitive.

There are a couple of unique features on the Pear worth a callout. For starters, the rear hatchback design is not a hatchback at all. Rather, both the window and door retract below the cargo floor of the car at the push of a button. (Check out our Instagram post to see it in action.) Might it be a callback to the doors of the BMW Z1 — developed right around the same time when Henrik Fisker began working at BMW's design studio? Cheeky, cheeky.

Fisker also says the Pear will come in five- and six-passenger configurations. The latter includes a front bench seat and both offer "Lounge Mode," which we're told allows the front seatbacks to lower completely flat.

Fisker Alaska front

Fisker Alaska

Even though the Big Three have a stranglehold on the gas and diesel pickup markets, EV trucks are still pretty new. And that means plenty of startups trying to break in on the electric front. The Alaska is Fisker's take on a midsize electric truck; its mammoth wheels are more concept car than showroom-ready, but the furrowed brow gives the impression that even at this stage, the Alaska means business.

Keeping with Fisker's approach to have four unique or class-leading features on all its cars, the bed of the Alaska measures 4.5 feet front to back. But there's a hideaway bed divider that increases the length to 9.2 feet (including the tailgate). The added space comes via a folding "Houdini" midgate, similar to the Chevrolet Silverado EV and GMC Sierra EV, extending the bed into the cabin and onto the backs of the fold-flat second-row seats. A peek inside the cab showed that with the seatbacks upright, the second-row seat bottom seems uncomfortably close to the floor.

Fisker adds that the Alaska will have a projected range of 230-340 miles. Pricing will start at $45,400 ($37,900 after incentives) and be built in the U.S. Deliveries are slated to begin in 2025.

Fisker Ronin front

Fisker Ronin

The Ocean, Pear and Alaska are all priced and positioned at the heart of the EV market. But Tesla and Lucid have proven that young automakers can make a big splash with high-output supersedans, and that's exactly where the Fisker Ronin comes in. Unlike the Model S, Air or Mercedes-Benz EQS, the Ronin isn't an executive sedan with tons of rear room — it is actually a four-door hardtop convertible with rear-hinged back doors. Even though the Ronin technically has five seats, the size of the vehicle and the body configuration lead us to believe it's probably best suited for two occupants.

Besides, we're not sure that five people will really want to experience the Ronin's outrageous claimed acceleration while jammed in together. Fisker says the tri-motor powertrain delivers more than 1,000 horsepower, rocketing the Ronin from 0 to 60 mph in about 2.0 seconds. Fisker also claims the battery pack will deliver range north of 600 miles. And it plans to make that happen in this small car by integrating the battery pack into the structure of the vehicle.

Fisker announced a delivery target for the hand-built Ronin as "the end of 2025."

Fisker Ocean with Force E package front

Fisker Ocean Force E package

Fisker has a lot in store for the Ocean, including debuting the entry-level Sport and midrange Ultra in the near future. Beginning in the first quarter of 2024, the Force E package will launch as an option for the Ultra and Extreme trims, giving the Ocean a modicum of off-road cred. The 20-inch wheels are wrapped in 33-inch tires, with specially tuned dampers, front and rear skid plates, and an underbody protection plate all included. Fisker says this kit can be added to any AWD Ocean.

Edmunds says

Fisker's newest electric vehicles won't arrive until mid-2025 at the earliest. But with products aimed at the entry-level, truck and high-end corners of the EV market, the new products previewed have the potential to make a major impact once they're finally released.

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