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Toyota is a Japanese automaker that has earned a reputation for building reliable, durable and well-built vehicles ranging from fuel-efficient sedans to full-size pickup trucks. Toyota has been building vehicles since the 1930s, but its popularity in the United States exploded starting with the Corolla sedan and continued with the 1980s debut of the Camry and 4Runner. Since then, Toyota has expanded its reach with its Sienna minivan, Tacoma and Tundra pickup trucks, and RAV4 and Highlander SUVs. The sporty Supra has also made a recent return to the automaker's lineup under the GR Supra moniker. Toyota also places a big emphasis on hybrid powertrains. The fuel-sipping Prius is a popular seller, and nearly all of the models mentioned above can now be had as a hybrid or plug-in hybrid. Toyota also offers its bZ4X all-electric SUV.

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