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Edmunds Top Rated Truck

Edmunds Top Rated Truck

2023 Ford F-150

The versatile champion
January 18th, 2023
Why did the Ford F-150 win?

When it comes to trucks doing truck things, the F-150 simply does them better than any truck on the market. There's a configuration and powertrain available for nearly everyone to get the job done, whether that job be pulling a heavy trailer, heading off-road to a campsite or simply taking the kids to school. It's also comfortable and loaded with the latest driver assist features Ford has on offer. You can even equip the F-150 with cool features you won't find on any other truck on the market, such as a conveniently built-in truck bed scale and a large fold-out desk surface for anyone who needs to get work done with their truck on the go.

"When you think of innovation, a full-size pickup truck probably doesn't come first to mind. But in an effort to woo over buyers, manufacturers have put a lot of new thinking into the traditional American workhorse. This year, no one has done that better than Ford." — Jonathan Elfalan, director, vehicle testing

What stood out?

The F-150’s Pro Power Onboard is simply genius. This onboard generator can be used to power tools, household appliances and even a house during a power outage.

8.5/10Edmunds Rating
$41,530 - $107,350MSRP
16-23 MPGEPA-combined MPG
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Edmunds Top Rated Truck Finalists
2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz

Why is the Hyundai Santa Cruz a finalist?

The Hyundai Santa Cruz is a great pick for a small-but-mighty pickup. This is a four-door crew cab with a short 4-foot bed, but its car-like body structure makes it more comfortable to drive and gives it better handling than a traditional truck. Other highlights include robust power from an optional turbocharged engine, clever storage areas including an in-bed storage trunk, and plenty of features and value for the money.

What stood out?

The Hyundai Santa Cruz turns the whole pickup formula on its head. The Santa Cruz is fun to drive in ways you wouldn't expect a pickup truck to be but still has enough utility to help you get stuff done.

2023 Honda Ridgeline

Why is the Honda Ridgeline a finalist?

The Honda Ridgeline is just so easy to drive. Compared to other trucks, it's smooth and comfortable. Steering and handling are also unrivaled. It's true that the Ridgeline's towing capability is below average for a midsize truck, but what's here is enough to pull the typical small or midsize trailer. Plus, the Ridgeline excels in other utility areas. It has a huge back seat and trick features such as a two-way tailgate and a lockable in-bed trunk.

What stood out?

The Honda Ridgeline is supremely versatile. It's nimble enough for tight, pothole-ridden city streets yet tough enough to explore the outdoors, too.

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