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Once upon a time, somebody looked at a small, off-road-ready vehicle like the original Nissan Pathfinder and said to himself: "You know, I think I could use that to replace the family station wagon. It's a lot cooler-looking than dad's Country Squire. And I wouldn't be caught dead in a minivan." Since then, the Pathfinder and other SUVs have become increasingly larger and luxurious to meet the demand of millions of like-minded buyers.

You can see this evolution in the Pathfinder, which has moved from truck-based to car-based platforms and in turn become more spacious, comfortable and fuel-efficient. Recent Nissan Pathfinders can't take you as far off the beaten path or tow as much as earlier versions, but if you're looking for an easy-to-drive family vehicle with three rows of seating and attractive interior furnishings, it will check most of the boxes on your list.

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