2024 Honda Prologue

Release Date: Winter - Spring 2024
Estimated Price: Starting at $40,000
  • Honda's first fully electric SUV
  • Battery technology borrowed from General Motors
  • Launches the first Prologue generation for 2024
Contact your local dealers about upcoming availability and pricing details.
  • 2024
2024 Honda Prologue Review
What is the Prologue?

Honda went green early. Its Insight hatchback actually beat the Prius to market back in late 1999, and the FCX Clarity of the mid-2000s was an intriguing first glimpse of a hydrogen-powered future that is yet to materialize. But like chief competitor Toyota, Honda has experimented with fully electric vehicles in the past yet hasn't produced a modern version to battle with Tesla, Ford or Hyundai.

That will change soon, starting with the 2024 Honda Prologue. Honda hasn't officially unveiled its first mass-market EV at this stage, but we do have some preliminary details. Expected early in the 2024 calendar year, the Prologue will be an electric SUV, possibly the same size as the Nissan Ariya compact crossover. Rather than build an electric vehicle architecture from scratch, Honda will utilize General Motors' new Ultium battery system to juice the Prologue's electric motor(s). The Ultium cells can be arranged vertically or horizontally, allowing Honda the ability to customize the configuration for maximum space efficiency.

Honda says the Prologue will be the first of many EVs for the automaker, which is targeting a fully electric lineup by 2040. Be sure to check this space for continuing coverage of the 2024 Honda Prologue.

EdmundsEdmunds says

Honda says "better late than never" with the announcement of the 2024 Honda Prologue electric SUV. Honda's first mass-market EV will be powered by GM's Ultium batteries, which will give the pack a flexible configuration for maximizing interior space.

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