Art of the Powerslide

Art of the Powerslide

42 Photos of Powerful Cars Getting Sideways


Every car guy should master the powerslide before he dies.

Nothing, and we really do mean nothing, looks, feels, sounds or smells like a properly executed tire-burning drift. Powersliding, or controlled power oversteer as driving instructors like to call it, is also one of the ultimate measures of car control. If you can put a car into a slide and hold it there all the way through a corner using your right foot and a little opposite lock — without depositing the car into a ditch — then you, Sir, are a competent driver. If not, well, you can think about how much fun you had trying to powerslide while you wait for the tow truck.

The powerslide is a great equalizer among cars, too. No matter how cheap or exotic or crude or refined a car may be, if there's enough torque on tap (and a defeatable stability control system), it will powerslide. Rear-wheel drive is the best starting point, of course, but we've met a few Lamborghini Gallardos that will bend to our will, too.

We've put together this photo and video gallery of all our favorite smoke-billowing slides in some of the most powerful cars on the planet. You'll see plenty of Chevrolet Corvettes and Porsche 911s melting their expensive rear tires down to the wear bars, as well as a few cars you might not expect. Who knew a Lotus Exige liked to get sideways?

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