Art of the Ferrari

Art of the Ferrari

Italian Eye Candy


Never once did Enzo Ferrari demand that one of his company's cars be engineered so that it would attract the mass market. The Ferrari factory isn't equipped with stamping presses robust enough to thump out hundreds of thousands of door skins every year. Porsche may have added a hump to the Panamera's roof to improve rear-seat headroom, but there's never been a readily apparent compromise like that at Ferrari. In fact, Ferrari has never even built a production four-door of any kind.

Ferraris don't have to be practical, affordable, economical, robust or even reliable. All a Ferrari has to be is fast and beautiful.

And that's exactly what Ferraris have always been. Well, most of them. But why obsess over the strikeouts? Ferrari's batting average is about as good as it gets, and it slugs with power.

The fast part of the Ferrari equation is something that, frankly, too few of us will ever experience. But beauty is something we can all behold. So take your time going through this gallery and behold each one of these Ferraris until your retinas burn. Then get new retinas and do it again.

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