2012 Ford Fusion - Edmunds Ratings

2012 Ford Fusion SPORT (3.5L V6 6-speed Automatic)
Date Driven: 3/22/2011 (2011 Fusion Sport)
Performance Both acceleration and fuel economy from the 263-hp V6 is diminished by the optional AWD system. Unless you really need it for foul weather/snow, stick with FWD. Glad to see -/+ on the shiftable auto transmission.
Driving Dynamics While the Sport model does include specific tires and suspension parts/tuning, we found only small measureable gains at our test facility -- made less attractive since stability control cannot be defeated.
Ride Comfort The Sport suspension and wheel/tires might be fun for a while, but it might also get old the longer you drive. Body motions are well controlled (like all Fusions), but sharper on Sport models.
Quietness Ford did pay attention to sound intrusion (road and wind), so the Fusion compares favorably to others in its class. Sport model is equally isolated.
Ergonomics Ford keeps tradition when it comes to the locations and operation of interior systems; knobs where you'd expect them and buttons when they should be. Voice-activated Sync (audio/phone) isn't for everybody, but it works very well too.
Visibility It seems like all new cars suffer from pudgy A-pillars and the Fusion is not immune. Otherwise, typical sedan sightlines. Integrated blind-spot (fish-eye) mirrors help, and a back-up camera is optional.
Seat Access & Space The Fusion compares well to its natural competitors in terms of access, however, there are larger rear accommodations to be found elsewhere. Front bucket seats are quite sporty (especially in Sport model), but are also comfortable.
Cargo & Storage No more or less interior storage than you would expect or require from a midsize sedan. Trunk volume (16.5 cu-ft) is actually quite large -- almost 'large-car' in size. Standard split/fold rear seats accommodate long cargo.
Build Quality There's an undeniable solidity to the Fusion; from solid door closure to a squeak-free interior. Panel gaps on the body could still be improved, but Ford seems to understand this important impression of build quality better than others.

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