2012 Chevrolet Camaro - Edmunds Ratings

2012 Chevrolet Camaro SS (6.2L V8 6-speed Manual w/2SS)
Date Driven: 2/22/2011 (2011 2SS V8 manual)
Performance The Camaro's strong V8 engine sounds especially thrilling with the top down. Our car's 6-speed manual shifter feels somewhat reluctant at times.
Driving Dynamics Steering is sharp and handling is confident and well-balanced. Our SS model has the optional 20-inch summer tires, so it sticks quite well in corners and stops confidently in a short distance.
Ride Comfort Rides acceptably most of the time, but those large wheels and tires don't always settle down on rough pavement, leading to a sometimes busy ride.
Quietness A regular Camaro SS makes a fair amount of engine noise much of the time. It's great if you like hearing powerful V8 sounds, but quiet is not part of the bargain. Exchanging the fixed steel roof for a convertible top merely underlines the point.
Ergonomics Most controls are easy to use and within easy reach. But in some cases the desire for retro styling impedes functionality.
Visibility High rear haunches and a tiny rear window make it hard to see out the back and the three-quarter blind spots are big. The situation is not helped by the small, oddly shaped mirrors and the lack of a back-up camera.
Seat Access & Space A loow roofline forces one to stopp down to get in. Once inside, though, there's pleny of front legroom. The rear seat is tight and the front seats don't automatically slide forward to ease access.
Cargo & Storage While the trunk isn't too small, the trunk opening is tiny and slotlike. In the cabin there are few storage bins and the shallow cupholders are best left empty when shifting.
Build Quality Good paint and exterior gaps, but the interior materials tend to feel a bit too plasticky. The overall feel (beyond the retro styling) is very simple and monochromatic.
Convertible The power top is fairly slow, and there's still a manual latch. The windows go down automatically when you drop the top, but do not come back up automatically when you raise it. Tonneau cover is fully manual.

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