Car Shopping Trends

Car Shopping Trends


Car Shopping Trends

2014 Car Shopping Trends 2014 Car Shopping Trends surveyed hundreds of in-market car shoppers to discover a number of important insights into how Americans shop for a car today, and suggests ways that dealers can use these insights to improve the car shopping experience.

2013 Car Shopping Trends 2013 Car Shopping Trends

The Full Report.

Introduction and Overview Introduction and Overview

What is the report, and what are the highlights?

Car Shoppers in Process Car Shoppers in Process

What are car shoppers most interested in?

Car Shopper Spending Car Shopper Spending

Do car shoppers spend more or less than they expect to? The answer may surprise you.

Deciding Between New and Used Deciding Between New and Used

Who buys new, and who buys used?

Leasing Leasing

Why is leasing on the rise, and by how much?

New Car Financing New Car Financing

Downpayments, interest rates, loan terms - how have they changed?

Car Shopper Loyalty Car Shopper Loyalty

Half of car shoppers say that they feel loyalty to a brand - but what does that mean when it's time to buy?