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Most Researched Vehicles on Edmunds

The top 50 most researched new vehicles during January 2024

February 7th, 2024
Research is an important part of any vehicle purchase. But sometimes it can be hard to know where to begin. With this in mind, we've gathered the 50 most researched vehicles on Edmunds so you can tap into the collective wisdom of our shoppers to see what's trending and discover what vehicles grab your attention. From here, you're just one click away from Edmunds expert reviews, pricing information, and the ability to search dealership inventory in your area.

  1. 2023 Honda CR-V

    The 2023 Honda CR-V is one of the best small crossover SUVs available thanks to its mix of utility, features and performance.
  2. 2023 Honda Accord

    The Accord continues to impress with strong engines, a smooth ride and a well-packaged interior.
  3. 2023 Honda Passport

    The Honda Passport's combination of spaciousness, comfort and convenience make it one of the most versatile SUVs on the market.
  4. 2023 Honda Civic

    The Civic stands out for its roomy cabin, spunky yet fuel-efficient engines, and strong value.
  5. 2023 Acura RDX

    The 2023 Acura RDX proves you don't have to spend a ton of money to get a well-rounded small luxury SUV.
  6. 2023 Honda Pilot

    A smooth ride, plenty of room, and a powerful yet efficient engine give the Pilot an edge over rivals.
  7. 2023 Ford F-150

    With new features, high-end tech advancements and the optional hybrid powertrain, the redesigned Ford F-150 is hard to beat.
  8. 2023 Mazda CX-50

    The Mazda CX-50 is comfortable, spacious and well appointed, with an interior that looks and feels a cut above anything else in this class.
  9. 2023 Acura MDX

    The Acura MDX proves you don't have to pay a premium for one of the best luxury SUVs on the market.
  10. 2023 Subaru Outback

    The redesigned 2023 Outback offers plenty of SUV capability as well as a long list of desirable features.
  11. 2023 Toyota RAV4

    The RAV4 remains wildly popular among shoppers, even though it falls short of our class favorites.
  12. 2023 Hyundai Tucson

    The Hyundai Tucson's mix of value, ease of use, comfort, and inherent practicality make it a strong choice.
  13. 2023 Volvo XC90

    Small changes add up to a more refined driving experience for the refreshed Volvo XC90.
  14. 2023 Mazda CX-5

    The CX-5 is an exciting standout in an otherwise plain field of competitors.
  15. 2023 Kia Telluride

    The all-new Telluride has much to offer shoppers looking for a versatile and upscale three-row SUV.
  16. 2023 Mazda CX-30

    The Mazda CX-30 excels with a head-turning design, strong performance and a premium interior.
  17. 2023 Volvo XC60

    The Volvo XC60 has never looked better, and it has what it takes to compete in a heavily contested luxury SUV class.
  18. 2023 Acura Integra

    The reborn Integra is good fun to drive, but it's also less refined than its direct rivals.
  19. 2023 Ford Maverick

    When you cut through the noise, the 2023 Ford Maverick is simply a capable compact truck. It just happens to be built on a crossover SUV platform and come standard as a hybrid.
  20. 2023 Subaru Forester

    Standard all-wheel drive makes the Forester perfect for outdoorsy weekend warriors in any trim.
  21. 2023 Toyota Tacoma

    Several tweaks and refinements add up to the most competitive Tacoma in years.
  22. 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander

    The Grand Highlander is larger than a regular Highlander but also gets a number of tweaks that help make it one of our top recommendations for a midsize three-row SUV.
  23. 2023 Nissan Frontier

    Packed with significant updates, the latest Frontier is finally a contender in the midsize truck segment.
  24. 2023 Honda HR-V

    Spacious and fun to drive on curvy roads, the HR-V is a good choice in the subcompact SUV segment.
  25. 2023 Subaru Crosstrek

    Compact and capable, the 2023 Subaru Crosstrek is an economical way to go exploring.
  26. 2024 Nissan Pathfinder

    The 2022 Nissan Pathfinder does a good job of hauling people and cargo in relative comfort.
  27. 2023 Toyota Camry

    Though not the most desirable midsize sedan, the Camry stands out for its overall practicality.
  28. 2023 Mazda 3

    The Mazda 3 offers a premium interior, great road manners and appealing fuel economy.
  29. 2023 Volvo XC40

    Volvo's subcompact XC40 SUV inherits the brand's familial good looks and packs a lot of charm into a small package.
  30. 2023 Toyota Tundra

    The Tundra is a capable and appealing full-size rig, but rivals offer more refinement and customization.
  31. 2023 Nissan Rogue

    The Nissan Rogue is a considerable improvement over the outgoing model, and it's among the best small SUVs on the market.
  32. 2023 Ford Bronco

    The 2023 Ford Bronco is both a revival of a famous nameplate and a highly capable off-road 4x4.
  33. 2023 Toyota Highlander

    Many small changes to the 2023 Toyota Highlander add up to a pleasing three-row package.
  34. 2023 Hyundai Palisade

    Packed with value, comfort and capability, the Hyundai Palisade is one of the top picks in the three-row crossover SUV segment.
  35. 2023 Toyota Prius

    The Prius has many strengths, but a handful of drawbacks prevent it from being a must-have.
  36. 2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

    The RAV4 Hybrid adopts some aggressive style along with its impressive fuel efficiency.
  37. 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe

    The Santa Fe delivers impressive acceleration and fuel efficiency as well as luxurious accommodations at a price that undercuts most of the competition.
  38. 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid

    Thanks to above-average range and plenty of standard features, the Sportage Hybrid is a smart pick for an electric vehicle.
  39. 2023 BMW X5

    The X5 is a well-rounded luxury SUV, with a high-tech interior and impressive on-road performance.
  40. 2023 Toyota 4Runner

    The 4Runner isn't the most polished SUV around, but it's hard to find a vehicle that offers this much capability with this much utility.
  41. 2024 Kia Sportage

    The Kia Sportage stands out with its comfortable ride quality, spacious seating and massive rear cargo area.
  42. 2023 Ram 1500

    The addition of an efficient diesel engine for 2023 makes the already great Ram 1500 even better.
  43. 2023 Volkswagen Taos

    The Volkswagen Taos provides more style, interior room and driving satisfaction than many rivals.
  44. Edmunds Rating:
    8.4 out of 10

    2024 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class

    The GLE is a great pick for a luxury SUV with its impeccable interior, solid construction and all of the latest and greatest innovations and upgrades.
  45. 2024 Nissan Kicks

    The Kicks is stylish and offers some of the best features and tech for the money in the extra-small SUV class.
  46. 2023 Ford Mustang

    The Ford Mustang provides ample amounts of style and performance, and among today's muscle cars, its hard to beat.
  47. 2023 Tesla Model Y

    The Tesla Model Y hopes to build on the success of the Model 3 with added practicality.
  48. 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross

    Toyota plays it safe with a small crossover based on the incredibly popular Corolla sedan and hatchback.
  49. 2022 Ford Explorer

    The Ford Explorer has big cargo space and is a pleasure to drive, but it's kept in check by high pricing and subpar materials.
  50. 2023 Lexus RX 350

    The 2023 Lexus RX 350 is a solid entry in the midsize SUV class, offering a roomy and comfortable cabin and typically excellent build quality.