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New Car Sales Trump's Tariffs Could Import a Big Hit to New-Car Sales

President Trump has argued that implementing tariffs would help Make America Great Again but the most likely version of this proposed policy, implementing tariffs on imports, has the potential to derail auto sales. Edmunds' chief economist explains how.

Trump's Tax Cuts Trump's Tax Cuts Are Not Likely to Bring Much Windfall to Auto Sales

President Trump's proposed tax cuts may not generate enough cash in pocket to spur many new-car purchases, but increased consumer spending could lead to job creation that does result in people buying more new cars. Edmunds' chief economist explains how.

Alfa Romeo Peak Auto Sales Still to Come

Flat to declining new-car sales raise the question of whether these sales have reached their peak. Edmunds' chief economist explores whether President Trump's proposed policies to stimulate economic growth could also boost new-car sales.

2017 Used Vehicle Market Report 2017 Used Vehicle Market Report

In Q1 2017, 10.2 million vehicles were sold in the used market, a decrease of 1.3% versus the previous year.

Car Shopping Trends Car Shopping Trends

About 18 million visitors use our site every month to shop for their next car, and this gives us unparalleled insight into the car research and shopping process.

US Auto Industry Sales Auto Industry Sales

US Auto Industry Sales: 13 Month Comparison