2012 Lincoln MKT - Edmunds Ratings

2012 Lincoln MKT Base (3.5L V6 Twin-turbo AWD 6-speed Automatic w/EcoBoost)
Date Driven: 3/30/2011 (2011 3.5L V6 AWD w/EcoBoost)
Performance Our test car's Ecoboost twin-turbo V6 produces plenty of acceleration for merging and passing. The Ecoboost engine also comes with shift paddles in case you want to choose your own gears.
Driving Dynamics The MKT handles predictably, although with modest limits and an appropriate level of understeer. It steers accurately, but the effort level is on the low side.
Ride Comfort Ride quality is smooth and cabin isolation is good despite large 20-inch wheels and low-profile rubber. The seats are well-sculpted and offer a good balance between support and softness.
Quietness The MKT's sleek shape contributes to low wind noise levels. Dual-pane front side window glass helps here, too. All in all, the MKT delivers on the expectations of quietness that we all associate with Lincoln.
Ergonomics Most of the controls are logically grouped by function and easy to figure out. The buttons and their labels could stand to be a bit larger, though.
Visibility A rising rear beltline and sinking roofline conspire to pinch-off rear visibility, which is poor. The rear back-up camera is a must, but it can do nothing to fill-in the large blind spots.
Seat Access & Space Here, too, the raked styling exacts a price. The MKT's third row lacks headroom for adults and there's less second-row legroom than the Ford Flex. Getting in and out of the first and second rows is easy because of very narrow door sills.
Cargo & Storage Styling takes a bite out of cargo space, as the sloping rear hatch and lower roofline eat into maximum capacity. The MKT still carries a good amount, but it's notably less capable than its squarer cousin, the Ford Flex.
Build Quality You'll find rich-looking materials throughout the cabin of the MKT.
Towing The optional Class III tow package brings the MKT's tow rating up to 4,500 pounds and includes pre-wiring for 4- and 7-pin tow connectors. The EcoBoost V6 provides plenty of power to handle the weight comfortably, too.

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