The beginning of the Genesis brand starts with, aptly enough, a car named Genesis. Parent company Hyundai launched the Genesis midsize sedan for the 2009 model year.

It was the Korean automaker's first luxury vehicle, debuting at a time of a global recession and when Hyundai's reputation for quality was not exactly sterling. It was a tall order, but the Genesis managed to carve a niche for itself.

Like other Hyundais, the original Genesis was all about value. On the one hand, it was priced similarly to a small luxury sedan, but it offered much more room and a more comfortable ride. Seen another way, the Genesis was dimensionally competitive with rival midsize sedans but was far less expensive. A sporty Genesis coupe followed in 2010, and the even more sumptuous Hyundai Equus full-size sedan debuted in 2011.

Hyundai redesigned the second-generation Genesis in 2015. It was more expensive than its predecessor but also more refined and elegant. In moving its smaller luxury vehicle more upmarket, the automaker found itself at a crossroads. Dealerships that sell luxury cars offer a different level of sales and service experience that existing Hyundai dealerships simply couldn't match. As a result, buyers weren't flocking to Hyundai dealerships en masse to give the luxury cars a fair shake. If the Genesis and the Equus were to truly bring the fight to luxury brands, a more drastic change was in order.

Hyundai decided to create a luxury brand in 2017, naming it after its first true luxury car. The Genesis brand adopted the alphanumeric nomenclature of its rivals and started off with the midsize G80 (a renamed Hyundai Genesis) and the larger G90 (the next-generation Equus). They were soon joined by the new Genesis G70, a small luxury sport sedan.

Today, Genesis holds its own against the best luxury automakers in the world. Its vehicles offer comparable luxury and features at a price that few other brands can match. Our expert team of auto researchers has reviewed Genesis' vehicles and compiled a list of inventory for you to lease a Genesis and shop new and used Genesis vehicles.

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