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Edmunds Top Rated Electric Truck 2024

2024 Ford F-150 Lightning

The F-150 Lightning continues to be the best electric truck on sale today
January 24th, 2024

Why did the Ford F-150 Lightning win?

The Ford F-150 Lightning works because it was designed to be a truck first and an electric vehicle second. It combines extra versatility with effortless performance. It's just as large, tough and capable as the standard F-150 but comes with a few EV-specific benefits, including a front trunk for storage and an onboard generator that can literally power your house. It also has an independent rear suspension and coil springs, making it more comfortable to drive than a standard F-150. And lest doubters question its pickup cred, the Lightning can tow a maximum of 10,000 pounds and haul up to 2,235 pounds
of gear in the bed.

For the second year in a row, the F-150 Lightning clinched the Edmunds Top Rated Electric Truck award because it's an honest, hardworking pickup — one that just happens to be electric.

"The F-150 Lightning is appealing in the way a regular F-150 is: It's easy to drive and comfortable, and it can be had with some cool features that enhance the type of things you'll want to do with a truck. The Lightning wins for being less like an electric truck and more like a truck that just so happens to be electric." — Brian Wong, senior editor

What stood out?

Unlike other electric pickups — which run the gamut from lifestyle-oriented adventure vehicles to silly party pieces with supercar-challenging acceleration — the Lightning can truly handle the toughest of truck stuff. Ford offers the majority of useful F-150 options on the Lightning as well, so you can order goodies like custom-fit toolboxes, lockable in-cabin storage bins, and onboard scales right from the factory. Plus, it exceeded its EPA estimate in the Edmunds EV Range Test, with the bigger-battery version traveling an impressive 345 miles (Edmunds EV Range Test figure) on a single charge.

8.4/10Edmunds Rating
$49,995 - $89,995MSRP
345 milesEdmunds EV Range Test
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Edmunds Top Rated Electric Truck Finalist

2024 GMC Hummer EV

Why is the GMC Hummer EV a finalist?

The GMC Hummer EV definitely falls into the supertruck category. Top-spec tri-motor versions produce a mind-boggling 1,000 horsepower. An Edition 1 model with this configuration launched this behemoth to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds — that's quicker than a Corvette. The Hummer EV is also packed with interesting tech, such as a low-speed diagonal crawl that GMC calls CrabWalk, and removable roof panels that can stow in the trunk for a pseudo-convertible feel.

What stood out?

The Hummer EV's real-world range is much more impressive than its specs suggest. Our test vehicle was estimated to deliver 329 miles of driving range, but we observed a whopping 390 miles in the Edmunds EV Range Test. That makes the Hummer EV one of the longest-range EVs we've ever tested. The secret? An absolutely massive 212-kWh battery pack that weighs as much as a Honda Civic. OK, the Hummer might not be all-around efficient, but it's inarguably impressive.


2024 Rivian R1T

Why is the Rivian R1T a finalist?

Rivian's pickup was the first widely available electric truck to go on sale in the U.S., but even as more and more competitors enter the space, nothing can diminish how we feel about the R1T. As an electric truck, the R1T is less utilitarian than the Ford F-150 Lightning, but it makes up for it with quicker acceleration, a more efficient powertrain and — now that the Max pack battery is available — quite a bit more range. We also like the R1T's lockable gear tunnel that runs from left to right between the cab and bed, and the nifty power-operated tonneau cover is a nice touch as well.

What stood out?

Like the Hummer EV, the quad-motor R1T is capable of a 3.3-second 0-to-60-mph run — something that's as hilarious as it is breathtaking in something the size of a pickup. The Rivian doesn't travel as far as the Hummer EV on a full charge (GMC really brute-forced range with that huge battery), but the R1T does use far fewer electrons day to day. Similar performance at a lower price — what's not to love?

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