Best Hatchbacks of 2024 and 2025

The Edmunds experts test hatchback contenders on our test track and in the real world. Our ratings assess performance, comfort, technology, utility, value and more. How we rank

Best X-Small hatchbacks

If you want a tidy, fuel-efficient car that's easy to park and has room for a few friends and all your stuff, it's hard to beat a little hatchback.

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The Mini Hardtop 2 Door, or what used to be called simply "the Mini," offers invigorating performance and a lot of personality. This nimble little car unfortunately also comes with a choppy ride and a premium price. It's satisfying to drive, but that's the only standout trait. Read full review about MINI Hardtop 2 Door

$25,800 - $35,400
Combined MPG
26 - 31

Best Small hatchbacks

Small hatchbacks range from practical economy cars to entry-level luxury vehicles, but enhanced cargo-carrying versatility comes standard.

The Honda Civic is one of our favorite small cars, and the hatchback variant adds the virtue of increased cargo capacity. Turbocharged power, nimble handling and strong fuel economy are just a few of the Civic's strengths. Read full review about Honda Civic

$24,950 - $44,795
Combined MPG
24 - 35
Redesigned in 2019

Mazda 3

Edmunds Rating
About Mazda 3Read Summary Close Summary 

If a fun-to-drive character and a classy interior rank high on your shopping list, then the Mazda 3 should be right at the top. It may come up short in a few categories on paper, but in the real world it's more than capable and definitely worth a test drive. Read full review about Mazda 3

$25,690 - $36,650
Combined MPG
26 - 30
Redesigned in 2017

MINI Clubman

Edmunds Rating
About MINI ClubmanRead Summary Close Summary 

A more family-friendly Mini, this little hatchback has usable interior space, a funky personality and — especially with one of the upgraded engines — no shortage of energy. But the Clubman still feels a bit restrained compared to other Mini products. It's the grown-up of the bunch, you might say. Read full review about MINI Clubman

$34,050 - $42,400
Combined MPG
26 - 29

Best Hot hatches

Start with a sensible small hatchback, add significant power and handling upgrades, and throw in extra style for good measure. What's not to like?

If you're looking for a little more comfort and sophistication than what the typical hot hatch offers, the Golf R could be your answer. Expensive at first glance, the R vindicates its price with well-rounded performance, practicality and mature styling. Read full review about Volkswagen Golf R

$45,665 - $46,465
Combined MPG
23 - 25
Redesigned in 2022

Volkswagen Golf GTI

Edmunds Rating
About Volkswagen Golf GTIRead Summary Close Summary 

The Volkswagen GTI is simply fun to drive all the time, thanks to a stout engine and sharp handling. It's comfortable and offers plenty of cargo space too. It's a winning formula that's truly hard to top as far as hot hatches go. Read full review about Volkswagen Golf GTI

$31,965 - $40,825
Combined MPG
Introduced in 2023

Toyota GR Corolla Morizo

Edmunds Rating
About Toyota GR Corolla MorizoRead Summary Close Summary 

Based on the modest Corolla Hatchback, this 300-horsepower, all-wheel-drive hot hatch takes its inspiration from rally cars and is loaded with personality. If you can get past the somewhat bargain-basement interior, the GR Corolla is a keeper. Read full review about Toyota GR Corolla Morizo

$36,500 - $45,140
Combined MPG
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What are the best hatchbacks on the market?

Shoppers looking for a car that's big on practicality and frugal on gas should check out or top-rated extra-small hatchback, the MINI Hardtop 2 Door. Its amazing versatility and park-anywhere footprint make it a top pick. For a little bit more space and a little bit more fun, our top-rated small hatchback is Volkswagen Golf R. With some sportier engine options, this car can be both useful and entertaining. Learn more

What is the top-rated hatchback for 2019?

The redesigned Hyundai Veloster was introduced in 2019, and became our top-rated hatchback for its fun-to-drive character, unique design, and useful cargo space. With multiple powertrain and trim options, including the aggressive Veloster N, it offers plenty of choices for buyers. The Honda Fit also remained a top-rated hatchback for the year because of its incredible cargo versatility. Learn more

What is the top-rated hatchback for 2018?

In 2018, our top-rated hatchback picks were the Honda Fit and Kia Forte. The extra-small Fit offers both standard active safety features and an adaptable cabin capable of storing a surprising amount of cargo. The Kia Forte offers a larger trunk space with the second row in place, lots of technology and comfort features, and more powerful engine options. Learn more

What are the best used hatchbacks to buy?

Look for "CPO" or certified pre-owned vehicles if you're shopping for used hatchbacks. Among lightly used extra-small hatchbacks likely to be available via CPO programs, we like the Honda Fit. If you need a little more passenger space, the Kia Forte is a good choice. Learn more

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