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2015 Ford F-150: 5 Things to Know Video

  • Here are 5 Things to Know about the 2015 Ford F-150.

    1. Smaller Engines, Bigger Performance: It's 700 pounds lighter than the last one. That means that smaller, more efficient engines can be used that match the performance of bigger engines in last year's truck. At the same time, those returning big engines are even more capable and efficient with less weight to lug around.

    2. Weighs Less, Costs More: It's 700 pounds less because it's made out of military grade aluminum. It will cost more to repair should something like this happen.

    3. Better Handling, Sharper Steering: The F-150 feels lighter when behind the wheel. It's a little more agile and less-truck-like than before, with notably sharper steering. The rear suspension still has stiff leaf springs, though, so it can't match the ride quality of the Ram and its coil spring suspension.

    4. Upscale Cabin in 3 Sizes: The more upscale, higher-quality cabin can be had in three different sizes. The SuperCrew here is the most family friendly, while the SuperCab has a rather upright back seat and a short cushion. Plus it retains the clamshell doors that can be a pain in parking lots.

    5. Abundant Special Features: There are abundant special features. The tailgate step, LED bed lighting, blind-spot warning, adaptive cruise control, automatic parallel parking and a rearview camera specifically designed to help when hitching up a trailer.

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