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Very Strange Experience...

by WRhodes on 02/27/2021

I was referred to Ali Shahid at John Eagle Acura by a coworker who leased a car with him. I sent him a text on a Tuesday and we scheduled an appointment for Friday. I was called twice by the dealership to confirm my appointment.  On the day of the appointment I was running 10 minutes behind so I texted Ali. He stated, “text me when you get here.”  I did as he asked. He then stated, “Great. Come on in.  I have my partner will take care of you.”   Another person met with me and I test drove two cars. He was very nice. Ali never introduced himself or made any contact, which sent my radar up, because I don’t trust car dealerships. After I got home, I texted Ali and stated I was very disappointed that he made no effort to meet me. He tried calling me and I did not answer. These are the texts I then received from him: “I understand you are upset and you should be.   I tried to call you but it went to the voice mail so I decided to send you a text message.  I do not work for John Eagle Acura anymore.” “John Eagle Acura is my former employment so that’s why I did not see you in person.” “Yes you are right I was not there today.” “Sorry 😢 to hear 👂 that you were not able to come to an agreement or John 🦅 did not meet your expectations.  Please accept my apology.” WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD THIS FORMER EMPLOYEE SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT WITH ME (BASED ON HIS AVAILABILITY) WHEN HE DIDN’T EVEN WORK THERE ANYMORE??? If this doesn’t scream of crookedness or dishonesty, I don’t know what does. DO NOT trust this dealership. This whole experience was so very, very strange.

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