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byohio123on 09/24/2018

I called out of state in regards to a used car they had listed online. Spoke with a women sales rep. and ask for service records and further details on what had been done in service. Sales rep did not responds after a few hours so I called her back asking if she forgot about me. Then was told the car was being sold as we were on the phone. 3 days later this car is still online. Im a motivated buyer and was readying to make a deal and make the trip.

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service Rating

Awful Experience. Felt Cheated, Lied to.

byzantrellickon 10/31/2017

The service and parts department here completely ruined my day. I got a flat on the turnpike, and with no spare, was left to call around the area to locate a tire to fit my car. Being a relatively odd wheel size, this proved slightly more difficult than calling Wal-Mart. After three calls were placed between the tow truck driver and myself, this Mazda dealer said they could have a tire in an hour (I was 30 minutes away). Great, so I told them to order the tire, and off we went. Problem is, they never actually had it in their warehouse. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS LATER, the service guy John has to break the news to me that I had been waiting for absolutely no reason at all, and I'm worse off now than when I started, because now the tow truck is gone and the tire can't be there before the weekend. You'd think that given the fact that A. I was given false information which lead to me spending more money on getting the vehicle to them (longer tow truck trip) B. I had waited four and a half hours for something they couldn't deliver C. I hadn't shown any measure of disrespect towards the staff and D. This was all their fault That MAYBE they could give me a break on an imperfect solution. They had an off-brand tire in their warehouse that fit the bill, and it could be there in yet ANOTHER thirty minutes. I suggested they do right by me in paying for (or at least discounting) the tire, which I have no intentions of keeping on the car, which went something like this: Me- You expect me to pay for a tire that doesn't fit properly after making me wait this long, drive this far, and you're still not capable of delivering what you promised? Tony- I'm sorry, but I cannot do anything else. Me- Oh, you CAN do better, you just refuse to. Tony- That's right, I refuse to. After this conversation with Tony the service manager, I thought he was literally about to cry. It was the only bright point of my day. He didn't end up crying, but he did shut the lights off in his office and (presumably) run home while I was still there. Apparently it was all too much for his sensitive constitution. Way to wilt, you hothouse flower. In the end, I paid $120 for a tire I STILL don't want just to get me away from these people. TL;DR - They make you pay for their mistakes without owning up to it, and the service manager Tony is a crybaby. This place sucks.

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service Rating


byJes_mazdaon 05/22/2017

Recently had a miscommunication with pricing in fixing the horn on my car (written in a previous review) The service manager, Leon reached out to me to try and resolve the issue and he did. He did everything he could to accommodate me and fix my car. I Was just thinking about going elsewhere until he called. Great service.

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service Rating

Could be worse

byJeson 05/11/2017

I've purchased my car (a mazda) back in 2013 when the dealership was still owned by Tom Masano. Lately when I would go in for oil changes, regular maintence, etc, I'd find myself waiting well over an hour-two. I gave up and asked a friend to show me how to take care of it myself simply because I can't stand the wait of this place anymore. Recently, I was just here for a recall on my car. I asked them to check my horn because it had sounded like it was failing. They called and told me a price ($240), - I declined to have the horn fixed. When I picked up the car, I was appalled to see I was being charged $45 just in labor for them to, I don't know, "honk" the horn and state the obvious that it didn't work. Come on. Lost my business. My family has bought vehicles from Tom Masano Mazda before, so have I. But I will no longer be taking my business and money here for anything.

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sales Rating


byAnonymouson 04/29/2017

Came over 2 hours away to buy a jeep for one of the sales men to call me when I was 20 minutes away and tell me another guy was selling it. The dealership knew I had cash in hand ready to leave lot with it today and still sold it from under me. Poor customer service and poor business ethic. Would never recommend this dealership to anyone.

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sales Rating

Great friendly dealership

byMx5sc14on 03/07/2017

Great people great sales and service. I travel 65 miles to by from them. I never like buying cars or dealing with service. Now it's all fun they treat you like friends the work is always done right. They follow-up if it's a car purchase or service. I feel like I'm back in the 70's when dealerships gave good service.

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