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Unethical from Frank in West Chester

by West Chester Frank on 12/10/2020

I'm astonished that a business as unethical as this is still in business. I inquired about a used car, albeit a very cheep one, that was being sold 'as is'. This being the case and it being a bit of a drive for me, I made some general inquiries. I understand the they don't go into full diagnostic mode on an 'as is' vehicle, but they did say they did some sort of presale check. They were very evasive and plead ignorance and said they would check with service (Nick Theile). I never had one informative reply so I drove down. The car was an absolute shambles. I could see rust strips hanging down under the pass. side. When I put my hand under that side my hand when all the way, practically into the car and a pile of rust fell onto the driveway. I had a brief look under and the problem was VERY extensive. The front part of the body was hanging off of the drivers side and the interior was a complete shambles. The glove box and the compartment between the seats hand been pulled out and there was just this big hole there. The seat had a huge rip in it an the interior in general was as dirtier and, frankly, skummier exponentially as any car I have ever seen. I felt as if I needed a tetanus shot and an antibiotic just sitting in it. It was, in a word, disgusting. I decided to start it up and it sounded like a freight train. Now, again, I understand the concept of 'as is' and I wasn't expecting much, but I could see in three minutes, without any mechanic, all of these issues and that this car was toast. All these things were plainly obvious, yet, they said nothing. They immediately went into, "Well we have other vehicles - tell me what you are looking for" etc. This was obviously a 'come on' and a 'bait and switch'. I have been searching a while for an inexpensive used cars and have found cheaper cars that were in decent shape and most owners were very helpful and informative. DO NOT BUY FROM OR TRUST THIS PLACE!

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