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Waste of time.

by darlene519 on 08/24/2017

I found a vehicle online that I was interested in test driving so I placed an online inquiry. Shortly thereafter, I received a phone call from RJ, the internet sales associate. He assured me that the vehicle was available, and can be test driven until 7:45pm, as the dealership closes at 8pm. I was relieved to know that I would have ample time to check out the car while shown in daylight, as I live over an hour away from the dealership I knew the rush hour commute would be lenghtly. I arrived at Paramus Jaguar print to 7pm, and requested to speak to RJ. I was told by the receptionist that he was unavailable and that I would be "assigned" to a sales person. After almost 20 minutes of waiting, I was approached by Earl. I shared with him my conversation with RJ, explaining that I drove an hour and a half to see this 2017 F-Pace in Gray. He checked the system, confirmed it was available and then went to get the keys. He returned with keys in hand and explained that he was going to bring the vehicle around front to test drive. Almost 15 minutes later Earl came back stating that the vehicle was no longer able to be shown, as it was sold earlier in the day - I thought it would have been nice if I received a courtesy call from RJ stating that the vehicle would be sold by the time I arrived. Nevertheless, I entertained the idea of looking at other models. When asked the difference between color schemes in person, Earl proceeded to grab a catalog - which I could have very well generated on my computer from the comfort of my home, just to find out that the color was not listed as an available option, therefore he was unable to show it. He proceeded to find another, semi-comparable vehicle to the one I had initially intended on seeing. However, it was now after 7:45 and he instructed that the only "test drive" I could would be able to do is around the building - around the dealership building, through narrow bumpy roads, dodging parked and moving vehicles. This is the test drive I experienced. When approaching the vehicle, I couldn't help but notice but half of the door handle was missing - quite the first impression. The 5 minutes or so behind the wheel was dead silent. No explanation of features or functions, no specifications or statistics. Pure. Silence. After explaining that I had no interest in a fully loaded vehicles equipped with bells and whistles, but simply a reliable car to get me to and from work, we continued inside to talk numbers. I expressed that I preferred to lease the vehicle, but would be open to financing if the numbers made sense, regardless I did not want an astronomical car payment of $700 or more. I found it quite humorous that I was more familiar with the current Jaguar incentives than the sales person was. I mentioned that there was a Special from JaguarUSA of $5000 - $549/month. Earl returned from his managers office with an offer of $5,000 down - $689/month. I understand that each vehicle model and packages vary, but I found it quite appealing to be presented with exactly what I told him I did NOT want for a monthly payment and margins of that magnitude. He proceeded to insult my common knowledge by argumentatively trying to tell me that there was equity in leasing a car at nearly $700 a month for 36 months. Once I realized the salesman toe became aggressive, I explained that I did not want to waste either of out time as I gathered there would be no middle ground met here. Earl proceeded to become more abrasive, explaining that this was a "boutique" brand, and is superior to other brands such as Lexus, Audi, and BMW stating that they have no value. I found that astounding, as the JaguarUSA predicts the residual value of this very vehicle to hold a $29,000 residual value at the end of a three year lease term - $20,000 less than the MSRP. If the poor customer service and minimal product knowledge wasn't enough, the lack of professionalism and class, finding the need to discredit other brands came off as a bit desperate. The icing on the cake was once I expressed that I felt as though we were wasting each others time and would not be able to come to a deal. Earl responded with "you've wasted your own time, driving an hour here" and continued to walk away and then shout a profanity across the showroom floor. This experience in and of itself has turned me off to not only this sales person, this dealership, but this brand. I refuse to consider - or let a friend or family member consider stepping foot into an environment such as this, where as to be treated as if you have no value or sense. Thank you Earl, you have earned another dealership my business.

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