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University Mitsubishi

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Customer Reviews of University Mitsubishi

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1 out of 5 starssales Rating

Dishonest Deceitful company

by Bogey on 12/05/2019

After decling extended warranties They tried to slip thousands of dollars of Non factory accessories and some BS paint/anti theft warranties

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2 out of 5 starssales Rating

Typical shady salesman games

by researchit on 03/12/2019

Let me start with the positives. I got a good reliable used car , a returned lease car, at a price I was comfortable with. Now the negatives, shady verbal promises which I MADE them put in writing on the contract and they still tried to to rope a dope me, passing me all around the dealership phone system trying to not fulfill those promises written on the contract. The tag was not applied for and the salesman and mgr said it was ( I guess they don't know you can make a phone call to the tag agency and find out) The salesman was disinterested in explaining any of the cars features upon delivery of the car (once he got my check). My advise-put everything in writing and contact the dealership owner directly if they play games post delivery with you. The owner was helpful in revolving the situation. For service and parts I would recommend this dealership.

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2.8 out of 5 starssales Rating

Would not buy from here again

by want2beanon on 10/07/2008

We bought from this dealer because the salesperson was nice, professional, personable and not pushy. But when we went in to do the paperwork things changed. The [violative content deleted] sales manager turned our initial good experience into one that left a bad taste. We mentioned in our first trip to the dealer that 0% financing was important to us. When negotiating the price of the car, they conveniently left out that $1500 of the agreed on price was in a cash back rebate that we couldn't get if we took the 0% financing. So the agreed on price was an empty lie. Then to "seal the deal" he offered us our first servicing for free. When my husband asked to have that on a receipt or otherwise in writing, the sales manager got very agitated and told us that this was a "gentlemen's agreement" - anyone who lives in South FL knows there is no such thing. If it isn't in writing, it doesn't exist. After some arguing he finally, reluctantly agreed to put this in writing. If we did not get this in writing, I'm sure it would have been another empty promise when we showed up for our servicing. We bought the car on the showroom floor. They took it to service to clean it up, etc. When we drove it off the lot, we realized the alignment was way off and it only had a 1/4 tank of gas! When I called to set an appointment for them to correct the alignment the sales manager could have cared less that my BRAND NEW car already needed servicing. I called and called the service line to set an appointment but no one ever answered and there is no voicemail or answering machine. I asked the sales manager if he could walk over there and help me set an appointment to make the sale right. He said he couldn't and that should just keep calling until someone picked up. I called all day. No one ever picked up. So I made an appointment at a different dealer - THEY have a person answering the phone AND a voicemail system. Shop at Bill Seidle if you want just another South FL [violative content deleted] to take your money and forget about you! Oh yeah, and if you want to buy a car that has NOT been inspected for quality.

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