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Buyer Beware!

bysmolck1on 06/08/2017

This is long but DO NOT buy a used car from these people until you read the WHOLE thing! It will save you thousands! I bought a used Grand Cherokee on Memorial Day. The car looked great both inside and out. But it has been nothing but a nightmare since we bought it. Before I bought the car they just wanted to "make a deal" so the salesman could get his $500 bonus. They rushed me through because it was late in the day, and I was dumb enough not to walk away. When I got the car home to let my wife drive it (it's for her and my children) I realized the passenger side air vents blew hot air. Only the driver gets cold air, of course my salesman failed to bring that to my attention during the test drive. Thankfully I am a mechanic and was able to remove the glove box and the blend door actuator and replace it ($50 plus 2 hours of my time). The check engine light was on when I bought it, the salesman said it was just an 02 sensor and they had the part on order. Come to find out, there is no part on order and the 02 sensor isn't bad, the PCM (main engine computer) is faulty. They cost $500 for just the part and guess who is stuck with that bill (hint,it's me). Then I noticed the directional tires on the front of the car were on backwards (turning the wrong direction) and one wheel was severely bent. It cost me $80 to have the tires rebalanced and corrected and it still vibrates due to the bent wheel. The salesman told me before buying the car the vibration was "due to the car sitting for a while and drive it a a few days before worrying about it" (or until my check cleared). Tonight while changing a burnt daytime running light I noticed the radiator is cracked and leaking! That's another $300 or more plus labor to fix. So in essence I got just plain taken advantage of so the salesman could make his $500. I'm out $1000 or more and I haven't even put 200 miles on the car yet. The salesman was less than helpful when I called to complain, he said "bring it in and I will see if I can get a favor done". What does that even mean? The car has a sticker on it that says it went through their "inspection" for all mechanical systems and was 100% road worthy. Not even close. So if you want to be swindled, lied to, and purchase a new/used pile of junk, then Limbaugh is your dealer. Otherwise, BUYER BEWARE! I just hope the poor single mom who was finalizing a deal for a used car with the same salesman doesn't get hammered as bad as I did. Its sad to see the stereotypical used car salesman garbage is alive and well at Limbaugh. The commercial says "it's lower at Limbaugh", I can Only assume they mean lower standards, lower quality, and lower honesty.

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