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Avoid at all costs

byJoeB253on 06/01/2017

Where do I start. My wife and I are not "car people" and we left feeling completely taken advantage of. Her car died Monday and we had it towed here. Just from googling she thought it may be the electronic throttle body which there had been a recall on. We had it towed to Titus Will that day. They called to let her know she needed a new serpentine belt. Said it couldn't be driven without it. We bit the bullet and told them to go for it when they were addressing the recalls. I still don't believe it need the new belt. We get there to pay on Friday and they had tacked on a diagnostic fee. We payed our bill and they went to pull the car around. All is well, just get the car and get on with our lives...or not. They let us know it won't start now. After they looked into it they said they forgot to put the new serpentine belt in. On the bill it said it was missing when it showed up... We figured, honest mistake. It's the dealer so it must be the best, albeit expensive. I needed a transmission service as I was closing in on 50k so scheduled it and asked to have it checked for recalls and them fixed as well. I also had a slight intermittent squeak noise. I asked them to see if I needed brakes and quote me if I did. Fast forward to Tuesday. I drop my truck off and after nearly two hours waiting for the shuttle I took an Uber. At least it was all getting done. I get a call saying I need rear brakes, e-brake actuators on both sides, spark plug service, injections and induction service, coolant flush and fill. I get pricing and had them do the coolant but figured I better get a second opinion on the rest. I Uber back to avoid dealing with their "courtesy" shuttle. They were done with the work, but had forgotten the recall and wanted to setup a time so I did, begrudgingly. Once in my truck, I find the little squeak had turned into a very loud grinding/scraping noise that was constant. Turns out the pads have 6mm or ~50% life, needed a new $85 e-brake pedal and everything else checked out well. Rotors were rusty but not needing replacement and had no evidence they had even been take off and checked. The new grinding noise was from someone prying on the backing plate, all while telling me I'd better hurry as it was unsafe. All said and done the $1400+ they wanted to charge me was $268. I would not wish this place on my enemies, they put on a nice smile, constantly try to set you up on their loyalty program all while creating more problems than you show up with. Stupid or liars, not sure what's worse. The silver lining is I have found an awesome place I can trust to take our cars going forward. We will also not be buying our new car from these snake oil salesmen.

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  • Did the dealership complete the work within the timeframe promised? No
  • Did the dealership provide you with an accurate quote of the work to be performed? No
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  • Did the dealer honor all commitments made? No


sales Rating

Buyer Beware

byfircrest11on 04/27/2015

BUYER BEWARE..Stay clear of TITUS WILL FORD IN TACOMA. [non-permissible content removed]. They give a whole new meaning of CROOKED CAR SALESMAN....My wife Mandy and I were looking for a new car last weekend. We stopped at Titus Will Ford just off the freeway in Tacoma and spoke to the Ford Sales Manager, Terry Powers. We told him we were looking for a Ford Escape and wanted to be around 28,000.00. We also told him that we are pre-qualified at BECU (Boeing Employees Credit Union) for a purchase. He then turned us over to a salesperson. (This guy was an older guy and walked with a cain). He was somewhat nice at first. We took an Escape for a test drive and told this sales person that we were pre-qualified with BECU. He said thats great because they have a direct connection with them. We came back from the test drive and sat at his desk and started talking numbers. They low balled us on our trade and hit us with a 32,000.00 out the door price tag. My wife was so tired of looking at cars and decided to just have them put the paperwork in with BECU and buy this car. Terry Powers advised he would do it in the morning. The very next day I called BECU and they informed me of our payment and it was at that time I decided it was too much. I called Terry Powers and advised we would not be purchasing that vehicle for the price was too high. Then the car salesman called my cell phone. He was RUDE, Unprofessional, condescending and just down right [non-permissible content removed]. Tried to sell me a used vehicle with 30,000 miles. When I said NO..he stated "WHY NOT". I had to inform him that I was not interested in a used car. Mandy and I then went to Sound Ford and purchased a Ford Escape. They gave us 3500 more for our trade in and it was 27,000.00 out the door. So much less than Titus Will. Now here comes the fun part. In the past 3 days we have received notices from 3 separate credit unions advising us of Loans that were submitted by Titus Will Ford in our name. Two were for 32,000 and the other was 35,000.00. At NO TIME did I or my wife authorize Titus Will Ford to submit our information to other credit unions for considerations of a loan. We were advised it was a requirement to fill out a short credit form so Titus Will could access our BECU account. I informed this salesman that I did not want to use their credit sources and he confirmed it was just for them to access the BECU account. To verify it was Mandy and I that were there. Well this is proving to be false. So now our credit report has taken 3 HARD HITS for financing. I'M SO PISSED OFF. I will never EVER purchase a car from this dealership EVER. I will tell everyone I know not to...A good customer will tell 15 people of their experiences. A customer that has had a bad experience will tell 100's and a customer like me will tell THOUSANDS. TITUS WILL FORD IS CROOKED PERIOD.

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sales Rating

Five Star rating for Titus Will Ford Dealership

by29Roadsteron 03/30/2013

Best sales price on a Mustange V6 Premium Pony Package. Excellent customer service. No pressure. Received 0% financing for 48 months. Detailed explanantion of electronics on vehicle given to us by Fleet Manager. Very pleased with Mustang. This is the 3rd Ford we have purchased through this Fleet Manager. I would recommend him and this dealership to family and friends.

  • Recommend this dealer? Yes
  • Purchased a vehicle from this dealer? Yes
  • Did the dealer honor all commitments made? Not Applicable
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