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Edmunds Top Rated 2024: These Are the Best EVs on Sale Today

Three winners, and all of 'em are electric

Edmunds Top Rated Electric Truck 2024: Ford F-150 Lightning
  • These are the three electric cars that earned Edmunds Top Rated honors for 2024.
  • A car, truck and SUV all make the cut for electrified excellence.
  • A familiar face joins two newcomers in this year's awards.

There are tons of great new cars on the market, but which ones are so great that you'd have to convince yourself not to buy one? That's the idea behind the Edmunds Top Rated Awards, naming the best vehicles on sale for the fifth year in a row.

Read on to see which vehicles we crown the best electric car, truck and SUV on sale in 2024. And if you're looking for a gas-powered vehicle instead, check out our article announcing the best vehicles powered by internal combustion engines.

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Edmunds Top Rated Electric Car 2024: BMW i5

Edmunds Top Rated Electric Car: BMW i5

Tired of the please-look-at-me-and-thank-me-for-saving-the-planet styling that automakers bestow upon most electric vehicles? The BMW i5 eschews the extroverted by simply being an electric version of the excellent new 5 Series. Click here to read about how the anti-Tesla silently stole our hearts.

Finalist: BMW i7

Finalist: Hyundai Ioniq 6

Edmunds Top Rated Electric SUV 2024: Kia EV9

Edmunds Top Rated Electric SUV: Kia EV9

Up until today, there were no practical three-row EVs on the market unless you were willing to shell out big bucks for a luxury SUV. While the new Kia EV9 isn't exactly cheap, it opens the door to a lot more families looking to go gas-free. Here's what makes the electric equivalent of the Kia Telluride (a perennial Edmunds Top Rated favorite) so special.

Finalist: Hyundai Ioniq 5

Finalist: Kia Niro EV

Edmunds Top Rated Electric Truck 2024: Ford F-150 Lightning

Edmunds Top Rated Electric Truck: Ford F-150 Lightning

Take the best-selling vehicle in America, replace the engine with batteries and motors, and introduce a handful of upgrades while you're at it. It's no wonder that the resulting Ford F-150 Lightning clinches another Edmunds Top Rated award. Here's why it should be the first name on your electric truck shopping list.

Finalist: GMC Hummer EV

Finalist: Rivian R1T

Edmunds says

The Ford F-150 Lightning claims another Edmunds Top Rated award for its continued excellence, but the Kia EV9 and BMW i5 are newcomers that shocked the staff once we got behind the wheel.