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2000 mazda 626

lorgan, 12/17/2010
LX 4dr Sedan
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hi, i had a 1993 mazda 626 a few year ago, i have to say it was a brilliant car, i had it 2 years and i never had any trouble with it. I recently purchased a 2000 mazda 626 , which is about 10 year old. I didn't expect to get a perfect car second hand , i knew it needed some work, i got a set of spark plugs, rear right hand brake caliber and an altenator belt. I feel the same about this car as i did about my first one, its like a big tank, a big bird on the road, u really get noticed in it. lol. Its quiet, comfortable, and reliable. I always wanted another 626 after my first one.

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It's been a GREAT Car!

csousa48, 05/13/2015
LX 4dr Sedan
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I bought my 626 (5 speed) used in 2003. It had 58K miles on it. Today, I've racked up 293,000 miles on it. Yes, 293K miles, and the only major repairs were: replaced the clutch ($400), replaced front right axle ($80 part), and did other regular maintenance, like battery, tires, oil changes etc. The rear spoiler did seperate about 10K miles ago and the headliner inside the car ripped and is sagging. But the car is 15 years old. This has been the BEST car I've ever owned. It is still my daily driver. It is still fast and fun. I don't what I'm gonna do when and if it ever fails me. It's been a super great car!

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Too bad for wind noise!

pcannon, 05/03/2002
LX V6 4dr Sedan
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Rented 626 and thrilled to drive so bought one. Very elegent driftwood color and alloy wheels makes car look classy. So fun to drive hard to believe it's a sedan. Drives great and perfect for mid lifers. Get the V6 for today's driving. However, the actual vehicle I took delivery of had an annoying and unrepairable wind noise from rear upper cornet of driver's side window. Dealer did not spend a great deal of time and dismissed or minimized condition so I had to unload it and get another unit. Must have been a Monday or Friday car. Averaged 21 mpg. Caution, remote keyless entry will not unlock door if keys in ignition with vehicle running! Snowbirds beware!

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Best daily grind car

Playfirst, 05/31/2008
LX 4dr Sedan
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Very comfortable, engine buzzy at 75 mph, slow pick up - don't even bother to rev it past 3500 rpms, handles great, avg. 27.5 mpg mostly city driving. Awesome car for a practical lifestyle. I love it - best beater, daily grind car!

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Defective Auto Transmission Design Flaw

Dumb ___, 02/08/2016
LX 4dr Sedan
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What's sad, I bought this car relying on Edmunds to be fair and impartial, providing a well rounded representation of actual experiences, and therefore an accurate rating. Overall Edmunds gave it 4 stars..... The car didn't deserve a star, and that's considering an ASE certified mechanic had inspected and replaced, where necessary, every conceivable part he could. It still has a new head on it, a re-manufactured engine with under 90k miles on it, newer CV axles, new; radiator, water pump, thermostat, serpentine belt, etc., etc., etc. down to the tires, and even though it had the same transmission that was mated to the re-manufactured engine from the factory, that automatic transmission is GARBAGE!!! And once faced with that reality, and extensively researching it, that seems to be a rather consensus opinion of all the forums dedicated to the car. The automatic transmission is such an issue in that generation of 626's people have tried to call for recalls, truly feel it's defective, and say the only way to salvage this car at all, should it have the automatic transmission, convert it to a manual transmission, which would cost more than the car should nearly be worth these days, and that would be even if you're doing it yourself. I truly hate it for anyone who bought one of these things in a pickle, someone struggling with finances, in need, an elderly person. They might as well just go ahead and shoot themselves in the head. And if they don't catch on real quick they could be out thousands in other repairs, on top of what they paid initially, just to have the transmission fail going down the Interstate like I did. I don't even care to go into how much money thrown away at this point, with no way I'll come off a penny more. Fortunately someone will get it from me with the truth behind what they're getting, knowing short of a manual transmission swap it's essentially worthless, which means I will get maybe a few hundred dollars out of it, and will have lost several thousands at this point, enough I could have bought a quality used car that was allot newer, and in allot better shape mechanically. Thanks Edmunds, I'll never seek your opinion on a vehicle again, but at least I now know that the overall star amount on your "reviews"/"consumer rating" page is totally irrelevant, that's got to be worth..................... Priceless to know up front.

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