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I want another one, it is so great, fun,

sandra, 02/21/2006
XL 2dr Regular Cab 4WD Stepside SB
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The best vehicle I've owned; fun, reliable, economical. People think my ‘99 model is brand new. I spend hours taking care of it and it shows. No big problems. Couldn’t even wear out the tires. I love my Ranger. If not for a disability I wouldn't part with it. Not suitable for wheelchair conversion. Too bad for me.

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99 Ford Ranger XLT SB AT 4-cyl

JX, 02/24/2010
XLT 2dr Regular Cab SB
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I bought this truck used at 35K miles. I only had the truck in the shop 3 times. At 50K miles the speed sensor went out ($350). At 130K miles the timing belt broke . I decided to change the power steering pump as it was making lots of noise. Also around this time, I change the alternator and the serpentine belt. The truck does have some minor electrical issues: wipers turning on by themselves, headlight warning sound going off, cab light going off, and locks needing regular silicon spraying. I never liked the handling of this truck. It seemed like I had to be extra careful when going over bumps at high speed. It would seem to lose traction. Overall, It's a good truck.

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150K+ miles and It was WONDERFUL!

buldog60, 11/21/2013
XL 2dr Regular Cab SB
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I got my 99 Ranger with 11K miles on it. I drove it till it was totaled with ~150,000 miles on it. I was ever so sad to loose my truck. It was fun to drive, got decent enough gas mileage, was super reliable. It never had a hard time starting, AC was still ice cold, and never had anything more than oil changes done to it. It is also VERY safe. My mom and 2 year old niece were in the truck when it was totaled, it slid over 200' on the roof after a tire blew on the HWY. Both my mom and niece walked away with out injury. If you are considering a Ranger, GET IT! You will not be disappointed.

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Very Reliable Truck

singsingsing, 03/04/2010
XLT 2dr Regular Cab SB
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I picked up this vehicle when it had 35K miles. It's only been in the shop a couple times: at 45K miles the speed sensor went out ($350), then at 135K miles, the timing belt and power steering pump when out ($700 both). Around this time the filler hose for the gas tank started to leak. I just taped it really good with Gorilla tape. To replace this part is costs, $350 just for the part! If you go to the salvage yard, all the rangers are missing the filler hose assemble! There are some annoying electrical issues: wipers turning on by themselves, dome lights and headlight warning sound going out (caused by same switch in the door jamb). Rides rough, and looses traction over bumps.

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Darn good trucks

Scott, 01/16/2010
XL 2dr Regular Cab SB
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1st was a 92 reg cab SB 2.3 w/5sp. Sold with 198,000 on it. 2nd. Is the 99. reg. cab. short box. Still driving it with 220000 on it and it runs as good as the day I bought it. I tow a utility trailer with a 2 seater atv consistantly. The 2.5 and auto trans. work well, if a little low on power. My trucks haul and tow constantly so this a testament to the Ford build quality of these little trucks. At 6'4", 250lbs, I'm a little cramped. Just bought an 06 king cab auto with the 3.0 today but am keeping the 99 as my commuter. This makes my 3rd white Ranger! Great winter trucks if you run studded snows and put 250 to 300lbs in the back. Never had any traction issues here in NH.

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