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2012 Chevrolet Colorado Regular Cab Pickup Exterior

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The Chevrolet Colorado was Chevy's entry in the highly competitive compact pickup segment. As with most of its contemporaries, the Colorado was closer to midsize than truly compact. As such, it offered a reasonable amount of hauling capability without requiring one to upgrade to a more expensive, less maneuverable full-size truck.

The Chevy's affordable price made it particularly appealing to budget-minded truck buyers, but that's largely where the positives stopped. The Colorado (and its GMC Canyon twin) suffered from lackluster four- and five-cylinder engines, an abundance of cheap cabin plastics, inconsistent build quality and a general lack of refinement.

An all-new Colorado is a possibility for the future. But for a used truck, we think shoppers will do better with one of the Colorado's more well-rounded rivals.

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