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2014 Ford F-150
Whether you call them trucks or pickups, these open-bed vehicles are the workhorses of the automotive market. Trucks are either compact or full-size, and they come in a wide variety of cab and bed configurations. Four-wheel drive is always an option. You'll find the most diversity among the full-size trucks, which include everything from light-duty crew cabs to heavy-duty 1-ton trucks set up for serious towing.

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2014 Ram 3500 Review

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Ride along with the editors as they drive the latest trucks and help you decide which pickup belongs in your garage.

2014 Ram 3500 Review

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2014 Ram 1500 Crew Cab

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Our New Car Ratings give you a snapshot of what our editors think of a car — in one easy-to-understand letter grade.

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2013 Toyota Tacoma

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Our editors help you choose a pickup truck in your target price range based on the cab/bed configuration you need and the features you want.

Truck Buying Guide

What You Should Know Before Buying a Truck

2013 Ram 1500

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Check out our editors' top recommended trucks in each price bracket to help you narrow down your list of possible pickups.

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