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2017 GMC Acadia Expert Rundown

Looking for a sizable midsize crossover SUV with a long list of features? The 2017 GMC Acadia might be a good match. Here's a quick rundown of what we like, what we don't and the bottom line from the Edmunds editors.


JOSH SADLIER: This is Edmunds editor, Josh Sadler, and here's an expert rundown of the 2017 GMC Acadia. [MUSIC PLAYING] The Acadia is a mid-sized three-row crossover from GMC. Interestingly, it used to be more of a full-size crossover. It's fully redesigned for 2017 and its lost some size in the process. On the plus side, that means it's more maneuverable, has more of a car-like feel, but the downside is its lost a fair amount of cargo capacity and also room in the third row. You still get a robust V6 under the hood in most cases, although there's a new offering now-- a 2.5 liter 4-cylinder. It might struggle to keep up on the highway but because the vehicle is smaller than before, it shouldn't be that bad. [MUSIC PLAYING] Again, the Acadia used to be a segment leader in cargo space. It was almost a minivan in terms of maximum space, when you folded the seats down-- no longer the case. Now it's more on par with your typical mid-sized three-row crossovers. Inside, there's nothing to complain about in the second row. There's certainly ample room for adults, headroom, leg room-- you name it. It's just the third row where it starts to get a little tight, especially compared to the previous Acadia. From the driver's seat, the new Acadia does feel more car-like. The lower dashboard gives you better visibility out front. The controls are nicely placed-- easy to use. Our one complaint is that even the Denali doesn't feel that luxurious, so if you're looking for an upscale feel in this segment, that's something to keep in mind. The bottom line with the Acadia is that it's easy to drive. It's got a strong V6 but this is a really competitive segment so make sure you do a lot of test driving before you decide. For more Edmunds expert rundowns, click the link to subscribe. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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