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Not bad!

ksgirl1, 01/07/2011
XLE Limited 7-Passenger Fwd 4dr Minivan (3.3L 6cyl 5A)
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I bought my 04 used in 2008 with 55Kmi. I just sold it in Oct. with 90K miles. I thought it was a great car. Super comfy and great smooth and quiet ride. My complaints would be the heated seats never seemed to get more than lukewarm. I also thought it took awhile to warm the interior of this car in the winter. The other issue we had was the DVD player would sometimes not eject the discs but other than that it was a great car for us. The only reason I sold it was because I was ready for something non "mom like". I would reccomend.

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XLE Limited 406,000 Miles with only Minor Issues

walleyeman57, 02/15/2012
XLE Limited 7-Passenger Fwd 4dr Minivan (3.3L 6cyl 5A)
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I purchased this van with 60K miles on it in 2007. Since then I have put over 240 more. This has been the most reliable car or truck I have ever owned. The items I have repaired or replaced include tires, brakes, spark plugs, and two timing belts. I had to have a new A/C compressor last summer. Both power sliding door cables broke some time ago but I have not fixed them because the doors open and close with one finger-they are a waste. This van still has the original alternator, starter, shocks, springs and of course engine and transmission. It rides and drives nice with no real issues. I would rate the comfort very good. Well, with well over 400,000 this van remains a daily driver for our family. Three timing belt changes (two with water pumps) three spark plug changes, two radiators, a couple strut changes. I do a transmission drain and fill every year. This van just keeps on going. No rust to speak of-and we live in MI where our roads are heavily salted at least 4 months out of the year. It is almost scary that the alternator, starter, and of course engine and transmission are original . We still use this van for long road trips-but I did put the title in the glove box just in case we have to make a quick trade while far from home. My 92 YO mother comments that she loves the smooth and comfortable ride. This van has lasted more than twice as long as the two Dodge vans we had in the past (190K and 170K) and shows no signs of giving up. Yes, you do have to maintain it. I change the oil about every 5-10K miles in addition to the trans fluid changes. I add up what we spend on repairs and maintenance every year and it still does not make sense for us to lay out another $40K for a new one. I think Toyota never got the message of planned obsolescence. This van is used in mixed driving as we live in the country but travel to urban areas at least 3 times per week. 10-3-17 we still drive this van everyday. This past year we put a new radiator and brakes. The starter and battery were replaced. This was the original starter-so really not a surprise. With 428k mikes people are shocked there is no visible rust anywhere on the body. I did change the tranny fluid again. I had an oil analysis done by Blackstone Labs and it came back great with no issues. 1-6-19 we took the van on a 1000 mile trip with no issues. While in the trip we purchased a 2012 Sienna. I sold this 2004 with 452,xxx miles and she was running great.

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'04 Sienna LE 7-passenger

jrobey747, 05/31/2012
LE 7-Passenger Fwd 4dr Minivan (3.3L 6cyl 5A)
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My wife and I recently purchased a used '04 Sienna w/122,000 miles on it. I didn't think twice about buying this Sienna because of Toyota's reliabilty (we also own a '02 Camry w/175,000 miles on it). The model we got is the LE 7-passenger w/leather interior. It is a very comfortable vehicle to ride in and fun to drive, even though it's a minivan. Other than some slight vibration in the dash the Sienna drives like new, very smooth and quiet. My wife loves the right rear sliding door that opens w/a push of a button. Although, I have heard of many instances when the chain breaks in that power sliding door being a costly repair (over $1400 I believe). We love the minivan life!

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Awesome van

minime51ad, 02/23/2015
XLE 7-Passenger AWD 4dr Minivan (3.3L 6cyl 5A)
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I bought this AWD van with 150K miles on it. It doesn't use a drop of oil, rides smooth and is free of major body defects but the prior owner did have it rustproofed regularly. I now have 180K miles on it and it is still running strong. The only serious problem has been a rear wheel bearing which cost less than $400 to repair. I love the sure footed feel of this van in our snowing northern climate.

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Great Reliable Van

scabledog, 01/28/2014
XLE 7-Passenger Fwd 4dr Minivan (3.3L 6cyl 5A)
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I once said I would never buy anything but a Ford or Chevy, but I am a Toyota believer now. Bought this van new in 2004 and it now has 175,000 miles on it with very little problems to speak of. Just routine maintenance for the most part. The dash did start to crack in the center at 100K and the radiator leaks a bit, but considering the mileage I cannot complain. I think this year I will replace the radiator finally, but still not terrible at 175K. Only other issue I had at about 155K was a front wheel bearing went bad. You know they are bad when you rumble down the road. Still a ton of mileage without major repair costs so really cannot complain!! Would definitely buy another Toyota!

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