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1991 Toyota Pickup

1991 Mountain Goat!, 05/22/2007
5 of 5 people found this review helpful

According to the original owner, it never broke down, NOT ONCE! I say the same. I turn the key and it fires, purrs and just keeps on keepin on. Everything works and well! It has beautiful balance, stock shocks. It's just so trouble free and durable. I've owned many vehicles. This truck is just quality and quality lasts.

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Excellent Pickup

dgalan, 05/25/2005
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14 years old and it still runs great. The only issue I have with it is that for a V6, I thought it would have had more power. But like I said, it is 14 years old.

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Can't Kill It!

Jason Goetz, 08/24/2008
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I can't say enough about my truck. Still get compliments and people trying to buy it. Bought it at 100K. Now at 308,000 miles with no rebuild. Just replaced my 5-speed trans a few month ago. It's so reliable, I can't get myself to sell it. Even the Crimson red paint still glows.

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novak, 05/14/2010
2 of 2 people found this review helpful

Very reliable truck, I've only had one problem, and that was a brake line rotted through, and the rims started rotting through, but that has been it and we have bad winters here in Iowa, with plenty of salt so it's understandable

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head gasket failure

scott, 02/02/2010
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I've owned my 1991 V6 4x4 for about 14 years, Toyota replaced head gasket on recall in 1999. The truck has been reliable and trouble free until last week when the head gasket let go again. This was a very expensive fix, including machining of heads,timing belt,water pump, fuel injectors and new radiator. So $3500 later, i hope i now have that reliable,trouble free truck back !

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191k and counting

rbrog, 06/02/2002
1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Bought brand new 5/01. Is manual 5 speed. In late 90's, Toyota recalled several years truck models due to bad gaskets - replaced gaskets for free at ~130k. Had additional preventive maintenance done at that time (saving labor cost) including timing belt, fuel pump, idle pulley, and valves shimmed. Spent ~$550. Had R rear axle bearing replaced last year. Never garaged. Winters in Midwest. Does need compressor work but still pumping cold air despite 2 year old leak and no repair yet. Otherwise just maintenance - oil, brakes, shocks, tires, belts, etc. Still waiting for it to die to justify a new one.

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207,000 miles and 100,000 more to go.

EWD, 11/05/2002
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I bought this truck used in '95. It had 72,000 miles on it. Like the other reviews; Toyota replaced the head gasket due to a recall - no cost to me. I've gone through one clutch and it's ready for another one. Other than that no real problems. It has never let me down or on the side of the road! The 4 wheel drive is perfect - geared low enough to creep through the deepest mud holes. Give it a wash and wax after a weekend in the mud and it looks brand new again.

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Purty Good

CNH, 01/23/2007
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I bought this hog because she was white and beautiful. They just look so tough. I put fender flares on it and it looks even better. Although it looks so good, it only gets about 13 mpg. Except the previous owner rebuilt the engine - don't know why, and now everything is kind of going screwy- such as the speedometer cable, truck turns off with AC on while turning when clutch is engaged, Heat only works on high.

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Everyone loves this truck

Tehachapi Jack, 02/23/2020
Deluxe 2dr Extended Cab SB
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I have the 22R four cylinder that has been around for ages, I went to a parts store in Bakersfield and the owner said that he only uses Toyota and has had up to 800,000 miles on some. It is a very easy truck to work for the most part and very dependable. They hold their value well and made well to last forever

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Very Sasistied

josue, 08/28/2002
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I purchased my truck used at 70K miles and it now has 150K. Still running strong. Like another reviewer, Toyota repalced a recalled gasket about 110K and with it replaced the engine block because of damage. I got a heck a deal there. Other than normal wear and tear (brakes, wipers, etc) this truck is great. I expect another 50K easy, hopefully 100K out of it. In fact up to about a year or two ago (2000), people would still ask me if I just bought the truck new when I washed it.

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