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Whale Tail...

idrury, 10/07/2013
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I bought this vehicle with 132K miles on it from a mechanic that had owned it for 5 years. I had it in my possession for a little over a year. The main reason I bought the car was for transporting my road bike. In terms of functionality, it performs admirably, the wagon bodystyle is very good at hauling around the road bike and makes Costco trips a breeze. Performance - The engine power is adequate and the transmission shifts smoothly. Fuel Economy - On the highway you can achieve near 30MPG with cruise control; however, city mileage is near not so pleasant, 12 or 14 MPG. Handling/Ride Quality - Handling is okay and ride quality was a bit floaty.

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Great engine and transmission surrounded by junk

Charley Darwin, 04/10/2016
E320 4dr Wagon
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I am the original owner and bought it new in 2000. I mainly use it when I need 4WD or hauling so it still has only 75k miles. The engine, transmission, and brakes are great and have never needed any service, but the rest of the car is junk and it has problems that are characteristic of this model and year, as noted online by other owners. Mercedes will not admit or correct them since they emerge after the warranty expires. 1. This wagon is prone to rust around the fixed rear window in the rear hatch. I had to have it fixed in a body shop for >$600. It affects about 1/3 wagons, but you don't see that as you drive around anymore because most of us who still own ours have had it fixed. 2. The CD player in the rear wheel well has problems with the transport mechanism. I had it fixed twice at my expense but it kept jamming so I gave up and don't use it. 3. This model year had terrible (and known) problems with the insulation on the wiring under the dash. Mercedes used an environmentally friendly material that broke down prematurely and the wires shorted out. My dashboard clock and outside temp. readouts have been useless for years. It would cost thousands to get under the dashboard and replace the wiring, so I just stuck a cheap digital clock on the dashboard. 4. The releases on the rear seat backs that allow them to flip down have an elaborate cable linkage that broke (at different times) on both rear seats despite little usage. (If one broke it could be bad luck, but both breaking means there was a design flaw.) 5. Both rear window regulators failed (at different times) and had to be replaced because the rear windows would not move. 6, The volume control knob on the radio doesn't work properly so I use the + and - buttons on the steering wheel. 7. The on-off button on the radio has stopped working reliably, so I often just lower the volume with the steering wheel button, instead of turning the radio off. 8. After only 60 K miles the car needed new shocks. Mercedes shocks are Bilsteins, and for this model I was quoted $2,000 by Midas, not by the dealer who would surely have been higher. I'm not putting that kind of money into such a flawed car. Problems #1-4 are well know to Mercedes owners in chat rooms, but Mercedes will not admit any of them or correct them. I keep the car because the engine and transmission are flawless, the cargo capacity is enormous, and the 4WD is essential in the snow. I would never buy another Mercedes and my daily transport is a 2014 Lexus ES Hybrid. Toyota products are absolutely flawless - I've owned two Priuses, a Camry Hybrid, and now a Lexus Hybrid, and have never fixed a single thing on any of those technologically complicated cars. They have all been passed down to my children and grandchildren and are still in the family with high mileage yet remain flawless.

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Excellent car!

Robert, 12/20/2005
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I bought this Mercedes used. It has a moonroof, leather, 12 power seats, heated seats, all one touch windows, and shiftronic. It does everything right. Its been on one long trip so far and has excellent comfort and features. I love the car and plan to keep it for many years to come

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Good all around Wagon

ymbz, 12/14/2009
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I purchased this wagon with 82k on it and now it has around 117k. It has had a few repairs, but nothing truly outrageous. It drives very well, especially at high speeds on the highway. This wagon can take on 85 mph all day. I have averaged about 21 mpg, with about half highway and half city. The 4Matic AWD is truly a dream. One nice touch is the third seat. It's not habitable by adults, but my children think its a novelty to sit in a rear- facing seat. One maintenance item to watch out for: the rear window regulators WILL break, and they are about $400 to replace from the dealer. Try to find a European auto mechanic rather than always bringing it to the dealer.

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Too familiar with the service department

SMB, 11/19/2005
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Like others, we bought the car thinking we'd keep it for a long time. After 6 years and many, many trips to the dealer we are saying bye to the Benz. Thankfully, the warranty covered replacement of the entire dashboard assembly, brakes, phone, hatch and various other electrical issues. Unfortunately, post-warranty I was stuck with the bill for the struts, rotors, hatch (again) and a new $100 key! Like others, it's burning oil at a rapid pace. The car drives well, is very stable and eats up highway miles. Performance in the snow is fantastic - better than our Land Rover! Cargo/people hauling space is great.

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