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Exceptional Car

cajone, 07/26/2014
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I love my 2015 Mazda 6 Grand Touring with ieloop. Great handling and very responsive. Tons of safety features, which won me over. The Mazda 6 is very comfortable and gives you somewhat of a sporty feel. Touch screen is a little dated but all in all a fantastic car with great gas mileage without being a hybrid. I chose this car over the Mercedes CLA250. It's absolutely exceptional with huge trunk space. Test drive one and you will see for yourself.

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The Non Mainstream Sedan

leo_miami, 07/30/2014
i Touring 4dr Sedan (2.5L 4cyl 6A)
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After 2 years plus of ownership the car had zero mechanical or electrical issues plus Gas mileage is great but when it comes to wear and tear you can tell that it was built with cheap materials and the quality control was marginal. Going over bumps and u can hear noises just like in a 10 year old car . The paint is easily chipped and the cabin trim shows a lot of wear and tear even though I take good care of the car. Resale value is below average. I give it a C grade. This is a beautiful affordable sedan. It has character and the ride quality is not bad even with the 19" wheels. It looks and feels upscale inside a out. I got it with the Sunroof and Bose package which is a must for this car. The Stereo sounds amazing. The car feels safe and stable. Update: Traded in this car for a 2018 Nissan Maxima. There were quality control issues with the front end. Even though I bought it brand new and never had an accident it was making noises when going over a bump since day one and the dealer never fixed it. So before it got worse I got rid of the car. The rest was OK . I don’t miss the underpowered engine but I do miss the fuel economy

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Mazda 6 Sport 6-spd manual

marvandam, 03/08/2015
i Sport 4dr Sedan (2.5L 4cyl 6M)
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I was down to the 2 sportiest and reliable sedans- Accord vs Mazda6. I wanted a manual and unfortunately the Accord Sport only comes in gray and black. I saw the Soul Red 6 and fell in love. The Accord had a more spacious cabin- the 6 has more dramatic style which cuts out space- but I'll deal with it- rather stand out on the road and not be another suburban middle-aged man driving an Accord or Camry (no offense). It drives like a sports sedan- lots of fun. Manual shifter is amazing and excellent MPG's. Engine has a nice tone to it- more of a growl than a typical 4 cylinder engine. The ride is firmer- but I love it because it handles better- that's the trade-off.

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Great looking car, lots of tech, good mileage too; but need more power.

inwester, 08/27/2014
i Grand Touring 4dr Sedan (2.5L 4cyl 6A)
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I got the 2015 Mazda 6 Grand Touring in red, black leather interior with contrast stitching, Tech package and with mats, bumper applique etc. MSRP was $33.4k, got it for $30.7k and leased it for $370/mo with no down for 3 yr/15k lease. Now to the actual review of the car. The car just looks gorgeous and I always wanted a red car. The engine is under-powered, but the i-eloop gives great gas mileage (40% hwy/60% city = 33 mpg). The ride is a little harsh, especially for people in the back, the 19" low profile tires are overkill in my opinion. Interior materials are top notch, seats comfortable and Bose sound system is good too. Steering is a little light for my liking but its smooth.

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2000-mile review

pb4128, 12/05/2014
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I have had my Mazda6 for a month and a half now. I am, overall, very happy with the vehicle. I was leaning towards a Honda Accord because I have owned Hondas in the past, but I could not stand the CVT. This brings up my favorite feature in the Mazda: the automatic transmission - perfect, absolutely perfect. It is smooth and quick shifting, and always eager to downshift for more power. It is like it reads my mind and is always ready for the next move. It is, quite simply, the best automatic transmission I have ever experienced. The engine is smooth and powerful enough. I have not really measured fuel economy. The interior and exterior design are clean and un-cluttered.

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